Adorable Pet Games and Printable Activities

These cute pet games and printable activities will make any pet lover happy. This activity book is super sweet for children.

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Everyone on earth has had a pet at one time or another. There’s something special about first pets and well, frankly every pet has a special place in their owner’s hearts.

Pets We Have Known and Loved

My first pet ever would have been a tiny Pomeranian dog when I was a baby. But, to be honest I have zero memory of that pup. My only memories of her are from photos my Mom had.

The first pet that I actually remember was a tiny turtle that my brother and I both had. Loved that pet. I recall that we called him Fred Flintstone and he was a small guy who lived in our aquarium in our home in Guelph.

Alas, I think he only lasted about three years.

After that, we had no pets for a time until we got our cats. Over the years, we had so many wonderful cats: Spooky, Mandy, Mindy and Magnum. Mindy and Magnum were still with is when we adopted both of our girls.

Pet Games and Printables

The pet games and printables are six pages of fun and a little bit of passive learning too. Match the pets to their houses is a cute and simple activity for small children.

There are also two colouring pages and a page of pet games writing prompts like this one below. These are great because they teach kids to explore language and writing and they can be useful literacy tools.

To download the above pet games click on the link below. It’s simple and also safe to download to PDF booklet.

Do you have pets in your family and your life?

Right now, we have two relatively low key guinea pigs.

They may or may not have just celebrated a birthday, with small party hats and treats too. My daughter decided that might be fun and uplifting. You can see how that went here…

More Free Games and Printables

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