Valentine's Day with kids

Fun Things to Do for Valentine’s Day with Kids + Valentine’s Cards Printable

This Valentine’s Day has potential to be a downer. Pandemic holidays are a bit of a challenge that way. But, it could also just as easily be memorable depending on how you spin it with the kids this season. And depending on your own outlook.

So, here are a few fun things to do this Valentine’s Day with kids. Oh and stick to the very end of the post for some sweet free Valentine’s cards that you can download easily now.

Six Fun Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Kids this Year

Baking or Cooking Together

Make some scrumptious and simple cupcakes or chocolates for Valentine’s Day and the kids will enjoy them as much as you do. Or you could all work together on a special Valentine’s Day meal, because it’s not possible to go out to a restaurant during a pandemic.

Consider making these Red Velvet cupcakes.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

There are so many fun scavenger hunts here right now. Why not print out the Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt and schedule it in for the afternoon. That makes for a fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day with kids.


I know we are all under stay at home orders, but many of you probably have a nearby school yard or park nearby. We have one in our neighbourhood. It isn’t very steep but it works when the snow falls. It is a great way to spend an hour or so with kids.

In a typical year, we would be taking this weekend to go and ski at Blue Mountain in Collingwood probably. So, in the ongoing commitment to keep kids active and fit this also works. Wear a mask and go at an hour when it’s less busy. Avoid crowds, of course.

Make and Share Valentine’s Cards

Valentine’s Day used to be one of my favourite holidays at school. I loved everything about it, from making the adorable little Kleenex box card holders to gathering and reading them all. MY GOSH, I just realized that was like an early form of social media. LOL. Adding up all of the Valentines is a primitive version of gathering likes on Facebook, views on TikTok or Instagram.

These sweet Valentine’s Day cards are charming and honestly why not just print them out and let the kids drop these off in neighbourhood mailboxes. Or they might put some in the mail for their friends, cousins, anyone in their circle. I think it’s a sweet way to maintain contact and send a bit of cheer right now.

Make Valentine’s Crafts

I have gathered a few cute crafts here over the years. There’s always this adorable Valentine’s Colouring Page Printable. You might enjoy that, plus it is simple to do. Or make your own Valentine’s Day coupon booklet. Here’s how ours turned out. You are welcome to share that and print it out too.

Read Books About Love

Depending on the ages of your kids, you might gather up some cute books about love. Check your library and order some now to get them via curbside pickup. Or, order a few from Amazon.

Here are some of my favourites:

Love You Forever – Robert Munsch

The I Love You Book by – Todd Parr

The Peace Book by Todd Parr – we have always been big fans of his writing because he is one of the authors who always took diversity into account. His books feature LGBTQ+ families, and adoptive families and single parents. I love that. In fact, I highly recommend any of his books.

Cute Board Book – I Love You to The Moon and Back

How to Get this Valentine’s Day with Kids Content and Free Cards

Just click on the link below and the Valentine’s cards will download easily.

Get Your Valentines Here:

Pirate Valentine’s Printables

Star Wars Valentine’s

Unicorn Valentine’s Cards to Share

Looking for more Valentine’s Day content?

Check out my Valentine’s Day word search. It is pretty popular this time of year. Please remember to follow the health regulations in your area. Safety first.

Finally Don’t Go Bacon My Heart. LOL. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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