Alabama Experiences – Five Things I Can’t Wait to Do #IHeartHSV

I’m heading to Alabama in the morning. It’s my first time in this state. So, I am stoked to visit one of the southern states that is new to me. While attending TBEX Travel Bloggers Exchange conference I look forward to sharing several Alabama experiences that are new to me.

Unique Alabama experiences:

When you attend TBEX in any of their numerous locations one of the biggest benefits of the conference is the amazing Travel Media Familiarization Tours. Bloggers, influencers, and journalists apply to be considered to attend the various activities and trips offered. When Margarita Ibbott and I both saw space camp mentioned here we knew we had to apply for that one. People come from all over to do space camp and the aviation challenge too.

  1. Space Camp – thousands of people every year come to Huntsville, Alabama just for space camp and aviation challenge camp. We got one of the spots in space camp this year. Can’t wait to write and share the entire experience from start to finish.
  2. Segway Tour – I have never actually been on a Segway. It looks totally fun so why not?
  3. Standup Paddle boarding – I have done paddle boarding only one other time near Vero Beach, Treasure Coast in Florida. And I loved that but it was so much harder than I thought to get balanced.
  4. Eat some authentic Southern food – WELL, seriously ribs and amazing smoked food? That’s worth writing home about. Who could resist that? 
  5. Visit Gulf Shores – I hear there’s a beach in Alabama and I am a beach loving girl so bring it on. I will let you know if the beach is all that I hope it is.


Now I am definitely not saying this is all there is to Alabama. I am sure there’s so much more than this and I can’t wait to explore. This year’s TBEX sounds pretty awesome and the Alabama experiences I am about to have seem like a ton of fun.

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Have you ever been to Alabama?

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