active family travel Belize
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Wordless Wednesday – Ready to Dive In – Family Travel in Belize

active family travel Belize
Payton on the boat getting ready to snorkel

This was our last day of 2014. We took a chance and disembarked the cruise ship and set aside the entire day to explore Belize with a tour guide, of course. Our first stop was a small speed boat that led us out into the ocean to explore a reef together. The four of us snorkelled together. My husband loved this excursion. It was his first time snorkelling. This is Payton. my oldest daughter, getting ready to explore family travel in Belize. This is her right before she hopped in and remembered salt water stings your eyes and had a small meltdown. Back on board she found a towel, wiped her eyes and rejoined the group. My girls love active travel experiences. I asked my daughter what she likes most about travel this morning on the way to school. She said: “I love learning about new places. It’s very educational.”

I agree. It was not Payton’s first time snorkelling. She joined me here in June when we snorkelled in Puerto Vallarta. She did scuba diving lessons with her sister at the YMCA a few years ago.

This is a Wordless Wednesday post. I shoot my photos almost entirely on an iPhone. It was all I had with me on the boat to capture family travel in Belize. Next year my travel photos will be epic!

This year we intend to seize the opportunities to travel together and build education that way. In my opinion the best learning experiences often happen when you open your heart to possibility. Family Travel in Belize is well worth it. It is a beautiful, exotic location. This year I also plan to build on my non existent photography skills. So by next year this space should look a little more focused. Fingers crossed.

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