Australia Map Worksheet Printable – Grade 3 to 5

Are you studying geography? Are you a homeschooler or a parent searching for more ways to supplement your child’s education? Maybe you are a mom or dad simply wanting to supplement your child’s education with geography work at home.

This Australia Map Worksheet Printable and Australia Fact Sheet that will help any learner really. Australia is one place we have not yet made it to. I look forward to getting there one day.


Have you ever been to Australia? I have not made it to this world’s sixth largest Continent yet. But, I look forward to getting there one day with family. In the mean time I will read about it and gather information. Wonder who would like to come with me…

These Australia map World Continents worksheets and fact sheets aren’t for adults, they are for school aged children. They are perfect for you if you plan a trip to Australia with kids soon. They are also ideal if your child struggles a bit with geography, or perhaps you need an extra activity to get them motivated in the summer and avoid summer slide.


Right click and print the above and the image below and have your son or daughter do these before they travel to Australia. You might also simply have them do these for extra work when studying the Australia map.


Australia is a super interesting place. For one the seasons seem almost upside down compared to those in North America. Everyone knows the iconic Sydney Opera House for its unique architecture. You’ve probably heard the term outback and even thought of the movie Crocodile Dundee in reference to Australia and the Australia Map. But did you also know that the opera house was opened in 1973 and designed by a famous Danish architect?

This is also a decent little test of how much you know about Australia and the Australia map. As for me, I could find it on the map, and name a few facts about the continent, but other than that I would not win Australian trivia games for sure.



A Few Kooky Facts about Australia:

  1. Wombat poop is cubed.
  2. There are 3 times more sheep than people in Australia.
  3. Australia was the second country in the world to allow women to vote.

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Have fun with this one. Australia is an amazing continent. Have you ever been to Australia or New Zealand?

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