15 Easy Solar System Projects that Wow

The Solar System Can be a captivating learning experience for children of all ages. Whether you homeschool, or parent a school aged child who needs to quickly come up with a concept for a science project this school year, these 15 Solar System Projects will be a hit.


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There are so many different ways you can get your kids excited about space! Astronomy can be a massive concept and topic which also means there are many different ways to teach autonomy and solar system units. I love hands on projects which make it easy for kids and parents too.

Don’t Miss this Milky Way Cryptogram from my Solar System Learning Unit. Link Below….

Fun Solar System Cryptogram Puzzle

15 Easy Solar System Projects

  1. Push Light PlanetsPush lights and glass paint transform simple lighting fixtures into a galaxy anywhere!
  2. Food Solar System – Cool way to teach your kids to eat the rainbow while also learning about the solar system.
  3. Out of this World Play Dough – Homemade play dough, or perhaps play dough you buy at the store, or on Amazon…either way this project works and is so much fun. Don’t forget to gather up a bunch of space men and women and astronauts plus their vehicles for creative play afterwards.
  4. Solar System with Buttons – Super easy and who doesn’t have buttons laying around? I have a whole sewing kit full of extra buttons.
  5. Felt Solar System – Again, this is an easy one to do and it won’t cost much because felt is totally affordable.
  6. Solar Snowglobes – Start with a jar and a few other affordable bits and make a whole range of these. You don’t need to stop at solar snow globes and solar systems here.
  7. Solar System Sugar Cookie – Make it, decorate it and then eat it? Hurray for projects you can also turn into tasty baked snacks. Just imagine the scrumptious cookie smell filling your home with sweetness. Get this first – these cookies sheets are brilliant.
  8. Making Planets – You will need either styrofoam or play dough for this one.
  9. Plastic Lid Recycled Solar System – Recycling and upcycling projects are the best. No need to add to the landfill.
  10. LEGO Solar System – Lego, because everyone has some of that in their home.
  11. Marbled Planets – A Preschool Space Craft – perfect for the preschool age group.
  12. Outer Space Play Dough – Again, play dough is such a versatile product to keep in your home for all the projects. It’s also a great little sensory tool by the way.
  13. Solar System Unit – This is a comprehensive learning unit for school aged children. There are several projects listed here that make the unit come alive.
  14. Embroidery Solar System – Nurture hand eye coordination and also contained messes. Glue plus balloons to make a sort of almost paper mâché kind of project. This Elmer’s Glue is my favourite.
  15. Yarn Wrapped Planets – Use this great yarn for all the kid’s projects. Affordable and it should last a long time. You might also visit the dollar store near your home.

Gather some craft supplies or make a super quick run to the local bargain dollar store nearby. These are easy solar system projects and many of them should be doable with minimal supervision depending on the ages of your children. By the way, if you are hunting for a great resource for solar system learning units I have a post about that.

Don’t forget to check out my FREE printables on Pinterest. There are many great activities there for kids.

Check out this easy and awesome collection of solar system projects!

So tell me, do you homeschool?

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