Our Solar System Learning Unit

Our Solar System is full of wonder. There was a time when my oldest daughter was young when she read all the things about the solar system. She was as interested in planets and solar system as she was into dinosaurs before that. This month I figured I would share a great cosmic learning unit to help get kids back into the swing of learning.


You can use this seven page learning unit now or save it for later when school is in. And if you homeschool you are welcome to print it out and use it. Our Solar System is genuinely incredible.

Solar System Facts

Did you know there are 100 billion galaxies observable in the universe? There’s so much to enjoy and learn about space. You could study the topic forever and still never know half of the amount of information that is out there.


Games and Puzzles are a great way to convince kids they want to learn a bit more. Sometimes you can trick them into thinking they aren’t even working too hard and yet the learning happens even still. There are multiple printable sheets here and a cryptogram too. The answer key to the solar system cryptogram is here just in case you need it too.






Fun Solar System Cryptogram Puzzle

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You can print any of these educational universe pages directly from this site. I give you permission. But please do not share and reprint on your own sites. Thank you! 

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Other Solar System Resources:

Check out this National Geographic Solar System Book for kids while you are at it. We are huge fans of the NATGEO series of magazines and books. 

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