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BEST Fidget Toys for Christmas – ZURU Toys

ZURU Toys makes this Christmas more exciting with three great gifts for kids who need to fidget. And maybe for some Work at Home parents too. Fidget toys can be useful tools for kids with unique needs and challenges. For kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and even ADD, without the hyperactivity, these can help them focus. And these fidget toys from Zuru Toys are actually so fun I can’t put them down.


As soon as this shipment of ZURU Toys arrived they caught our attention. Yes, I said “Our” attention, because I also wanted to pull them out and play.

ZURU Toys for the Creative Mind

ZURU Toys is squarely focused on the ability for kids to be creative and to channel their energy, and these three toys do just that! They’re all great gifts for birthdays or Christmas, and they are completely unique, which I love.

In case you were interested, Zuru Toys began as a grassroots company in Cambridge, New Zealand in 2004, but they’ve quickly become the fastest growing international toy company in the U.S. market. When you look at their toys and their mission, it’s not hard to see why. Their toys are focused on creativity, fun, and being totally unique. That’s why I’ve picked three of their toys as prime gift ideas this holiday season.


Mayka Toy Block Tape

For months I have been hearing about this Mayka Toy Block tape. I didn’t really get it at first. Now I see the appeal. This toy block tape is  perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the child who loves Lego-style building block toys. With Mayka Toy Block Tape, kids can cut, shape, stick, and build anywhere. This tape instantly transforms almost any surface into a base for block construction. It features a flexible surface with a block pattern compatible with Lego and other blocks on one side and reusable adhesive backing on the other. That means virtually no end to the construction possibilities for your architect in training. I’m giving some to my niece and nephews.

Tangles are my favourite of the bunch.

ZURU Toys for the Extra Energetic

I love these toys because of how useful they are to help channel extra energy. My youngest daughter has a sensory processing disorder as well as attention and impulse difficulties. Fidget toys are just part of her daily process. She’s been using both of these two fidget toys. Not going to lie and tell you they are a magic bullet or anything but they can sometimes help her sit and focus longer, or calm her down a bit.

What’s funny about fidgets like these is that if you leave them laying around the house eventually everyone will start playing with them. The Tangles below are super appealing to me. It’s not like I need to play to stay still. I can focus no problem, but I reach for them because they are just plain fun.

My picks for best fidget toys this Christmas


Tangles work for the fidgety child, the creative child, or kids – and even adults – who are a combination of both. Tangles are colorful 90 degree curved sections that link together and that can twist and turn at each joint. They have no beginning and no end! They can be used to create movable art, puzzles, or just for fidgeting. My daughters both got one.

One loves to combine fidgeting with creativity on this one to constantly change and rearrange shapes. The other just likes to have a fidget toy handy. These are colourful and to be honest when I saw them I really wanted one myself. Also they are inexpensive!

The Original Fidget Cube

This is gold for so many kids. Featuring six different sides with multiple buttons, dials, and switches, the Fidget Cube allows fidgeters like my daughter to quietly focus on the task at hand by getting out their excess energy by clicking, spinning, rolling, and gliding their nervous energy away. AANNDD it now comes with a collection of superhero designs like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America, as well as DC characters Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman. This is perfect for kids like Ainsley, because she’s a big comic book fan.


ZURU Toys for a Creative, Clicky Christmas

I am loving these ZURU Toys, and I think the kids in your life will, too. I can’t wait to see my Lego loving nephews open their Toy Block Tape, and I already know my daughter loves her creative, fidgety toys. She has wrapped several to give as stocking stuffers for friends and cousins. If you have kids who are creative, have a lot of energy, or a bit of both, you need to give ZURU Toys a look. Great gifts or perfect stocking stuffers.

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