My Monopoly Game: New Personalized Take on Classic Board Game

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My daughter Ainsley is a huge fan of Monopoly Junior and the new Monopoly card game we got this summer as well. I have many fond memories of playing Monopoly as a child with my Mom and brother. We were cut throat game players in the 80s and 90s and we were nothing if not extremely competitive. So Monopoly, in any form, makes me slightly nostalgic.
This past month we received My Monopoly from Hasbro. We just started playing it this week. My Monopoly is completely fun, of course, as all Monopoly games are, but personalized Monopoly means you can place your own photos on the tokens and you can add your own photos to the board itself. So Park Place might look like Sauble Beach or Mexico. It took me a few weeks to get time to set this up properly because our summer was extremely busy. Yes you can play My Monopoly without the personalized tiles, just as you might with original Monopoly. But I wanted to review this game the right way. I like to sit with the games and toys and give them some genuine family time.
This week when the kids went back to school I started uploading our family pictures and taking this to the next level. My Monopoly proved to be a great game to play together the night the kids went back to school. We had a quick game after the homework was finished and my kids, well mostly Ainsley, loved it. She enjoyed the actual denominations of money and the bank and making change. But mostly we really like the option to build houses and hotels on spaces that we have created. We have a Mexico and a Sauble Beach. Western Fair is on there too. My nieces and nephews are on the community chest cards which can also be personalized. Same for the Chance cards. Who doesn’t enjoy personalized things?
If you love Monopoly or have a game night or remember Monopoly fondly as do I then this is a beautiful Christmas gift for you. Add it to your list now. This very version would be wonderful for that person who appreciates a unique present.
Caveat: Printing the pictures is simple. Follow the instructions on My Monopoly dot com. But be sure to line up the paper properly and make certain the margins are set to the right size for the paper. I have a few shots of my husband, but see the wedding photo token above that I played the other night? It clearly chopped his head off. So take heed. Most of the photos turned out great!
I received product to facilitate this review. My opinion is my own.
Great new personalized version of an old classic. Retails for around $20 at Walmart and Toys R Us and various other stores. $$$$$ out of $$$$$.
Monopoly Game

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