Black History Month Writing Prompts and a Few Resources

February marks Black History Month. That’s why I am offering these Black History Writing Prompts and encouraging all of my readers, no matter their age, to adopt a growth mindset right now.

Turning Intentions to Actions

I don’t need to tell most of you why this year, Black History is not something that should be overlooked, disregarded or even marked only once a year. Every year, I have intentions of reading more diverse content creators and authors. This year, 2021, is the year I am turning intentions to actions, because it’s beyond time to recognize my role in history and our privilege as a family.

This month, the accomplishments of Black Canadians and Americans should be noted of course, but now more than ever we need to take note, study and be aware of black history. Black Lives Matter. Period. Full stop.

So, that’s my goal this coming month as well, to raise awareness and get people reading and engaging with content that reminds them we all rise when we lift each other up and acknowledge differences.

Start with Education

Everything begins with education. So, I am learning about Black History and Black History Month right now, this year. The path forward through this unprecedented time of change and the blatant racism that cannot be denied if you are paying attention and watching what’s happening here in Canada and south of the border in the USA, is only going to be carved out by learning. So, study history, but also keep an eye open to what is happening right now.

Some Educational Tools

These days, many of you know I am providing some writing prompts and educational tools, because many of us are still home, trying to educate our kids, support their mental health and maintain a business. I know many of you too are trying to do better, to learn and find resources that help students.

This February, as part of Black History Month I wanted to share this printable Black History Month Writing Prompts tool for you to use and explore with your kids.

Other Black History Month Resources

If you want to learn more about Ontario’s Black History, give some consideration to the Ontario Heritage Trust web site. I find it educational. Please let me know if you have any other resources to add here. I also really like the Black History Society web site for profiles of prominent Black Canadians and the reasons we should know more about each of these people.

My friend, a Toronto blogger and podcaster Casey Palmer is one of the most important Canadian voices out there. He is a tireless advocate.

Resources to Learn More During Black History Month

My podcast, “Chatting with Casey” (click the link and you can hear his podcast today.

Here are the links to his content:

Casey also has a “Live from the 3.5” Black History Month project:

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