Christmas Chatterbox Activity

Remember that childhood game we used to call chatterbox? Well, once upon a time I remember when it was called something a bit different but I like the idea of a Christmas chatterbox and no matter the origin of the concept, it simply is nostalgic for me every time. This was the school playground girl’s activity at recess so many days. If we weren’t skating, playing tag or indoors helping the teacher, then we were on the yard doing this and deciding which flap to pick, waiting for it to reveal some silly truth or character.

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Now this adorable and colourful Christmas chatterbox activity is free for you to share and enjoy! I hope your kids love this as much as I used to.

Christmas crafts make the season more fun for everyone!

This cute Christmas chatterbox activity printable is easy to make. Follow the instructions on the schematic page attached in the PDF. Which Christmas symbol are you or which do you most identify with – the Santa Claus or the elf? Maybe you are a tree. No shame in that at all. In fact, I can’t think of a anything more grounding.

Printable Activities

When my kids were younger, they were forever coming in from school and asking for free printables off the Internet. In the interest of keeping them happy and occupied, I would google free printable and colouring pages often and I had stash of them ready to go anytime. If you don’t want to have to go out and buy an old school colouring book or word puzzle booklet, you might as well stay right here and bookmark the free Printables tab above.

This time of year, as we decorate and trudge through snow and start gearing up for the holiday season everyone is a little more stressed, a little more excitable anxiously waiting for Santa to arrive. We can all use things kids can do quietly, things that don’t cost a fortune….right now it seems like everything costs TOO MUCH money. I have also always found that coloring is a way to unwind. It’s a great ice breaker and a creative calm quiet task that helps with transitions too. Little known fact – coloring, plus arts and crafts are a brilliant tool for kids with anxiety and/ or special needs. Don’t miss this Free Printable Santa Coloring Page.

Download the Chatterbox Now!

These easy activities couldn’t be easier to download. Here you go. Simple instructions basically just click and download.

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No Supplies Necessary, BUT…

Check out these Crayola pencil crayons to use when doing any of my colouring activities. They are our favourites.

What are you upto this Christmas? Will you travel somewhere amazing and new or have a homespun Hallmark Christmas at home. I wish you all the very best no matter what the holidays bring. You got this!

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