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Family Game Night with Yulu Toys – Win 2 Games

Family game night is something we try to do on a regular basis. Ever since my youngest girl was small she has loved games of all sorts. Card games and board games. She finds them calming in some ways, so my husband and I have made it a priority for all of us to play games with her when possible. Now that the girls are older, we don’t get to have as many game sessions as we used to, but recently my youngest child reminded me when she gave me a birthday card that one of her favourite things to do even still is play games with me. So, that made me want to play games again. BUT, the old games get boring sometimes so we were thrilled to receive two new games: Break Free and Safe Breaker from Yulu Toys. They’re perfect for family game night fun.


Family Game Night That’s Fun for all Ages

Both Break Free and Safe Breaker are fun for the entire family. They’re accessible for children as young as 6, but they’re also a ton of fun for anyone of any age. They are games that are truly for all ages. And a huge bonus for me is that they make you think. I love to be challenged, and these games do that. That means that for younger kids, these games build problem solving skills and in adults, they provide a unique gaming experience that I haven’t seen anywhere else.


Break Free

In Break Free, players race to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible and do it before everyone else. Players handcuff themselves together and then place a maze into each handcuff. The mazes come in three colors denoting different difficulty levels, so the game can be made simple for younger kids or more challenging for older kids and adults. Throughout three rounds, players try to pick their handcuff lock as quickly as possible. The person who picks their lock the fastest receives a token with points on the back. At the end of three rounds, whoever has the most points wins. It comes with 4 handcuffs and 4 each of easy, intermediate, and hard mazes.

This game is our favourite of the two games mentioned here. It is fun and will be kept handy for when we need a quick but fun activity if neighbours or cousins come for a visit. This one costs $19.99 US and $25.00 Canadian. It is available in the US at Target and in Canada at Toys R Us.


Safe Breakers

Safe Breaker is an electronic safe cracking game. Player must use skill and a little luck to crack the code and collect golden coins. To start, players pick a card and turn the safe combination to the one shown on the card. They then use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light turns green, golden coins are released. If the light turns red, players must connect the spy listening gear to hear a top secret code that helps them find the correct code. But be careful, players who release police coins have to return all of their coins to the safe. The spy who collects five golden coins or two diamond coins first wins. It comes with 1 spy code vault, 1 spy stethoscope, 15 golden coins, coin stickers, and 18 game cards.

This game is fun but I will warn you that it requires support and supervision. My daughter opened out and wanted to try alone with her younger cousins. That was a bit frustrating so be nearby when they open the game.

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Safe Breakers is US $24.99 available at Target and $30.00 Canadian available at Toys R Us. 

A Great Family Game Night with Yulu Toys

My family loves Break Free and Safe Breakers. These games are approachable yet challenging, and make for family game night fun for all ages. So far, we’ve played these games several times, and they never get old. If you’re looking to change up family game night, give Break Free and Safe Breakers from Yulu Toys a try.

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We received product for purposes of this post and we also have a set of games to give to one lucky reader too. As always follow the instructions for a chance to win. The gift package is worth $55.00. 

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