Canadian Provinces and Territories Worksheet

Today I thought it would be useful to share my Label the Canadian provinces worksheet because it’s educational and helpful for kids learning about Canada.

I confess that one of my daughters struggles with geography and visual spatial perception. What does that mean? Well, it means that she needs extra help figuring out things sometimes. For instance if I asked her to draw a map of Canada she would genuinely struggle. If I asked her to put all the names of the provinces on this map she would need support with that.

Sometimes seeing her struggle with geography It is a little bit sad for me to witness as her Mom, partly because we travel a lot as a family. Travel makes geography real for me. It has not had the same effect on her quite yet.


Canadian Provinces and Territories

I am ever hopeful that with enough repetition and practice some things will become engrained in her memory. So, tools that help her to practice and build her memory are valuable to me. That’s why one of my helpers here created a Canadian provinces worksheet printable.

I know very well that my child is not the only one who struggles with ideas like this. In fact, many of my readers homeschool and several also have children with unique needs like mine. Others simply like being able to use these free printables and worksheets to supplement education or to challenge kids in their spare time. So, here is a printable worksheet that will help them learn.


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Just right click the above and save it and print it out. Then help your kids or your students to label the Canadian provinces. If you need any other easy worksheets you can visit my Pinterest Free Printables board.

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Quick Update – June 2019 – a reader has rightly pointed out that Newfoundland and Labrador are the same province now and have been since 2011. So kindly make note of that. At some point I will fully update this map of Canada for you. 

Happy Teaching!

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