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Chihuly Collection in St. Pete – Experience the Magic


Until recently I knew nothing about Dale Chihuly or the Chihuly collection. Now I can’t imagine how I almost missed experiencing this stunning blown glass artwork. The Dale Chihuly Collection will forever bring up memories of light and colour, movement and possibility for me. I’ve heard of Chihuly’s work from friends who have seen his traveling exhibits at galleries around the world. I’d never had the chance to see it in person, though, until I went down to St. Pete last October.

While my girlfriends and I were on our getaway, we went to see the Chihuly collection on permanent display in downtown St. Pete, and it was a breathtaking experience.


Experiencing the Chihuly Collection

Sweeping movement. Smooth lines. Graceful curves. Undulating, organic creations. Fiery color. The flames of the sun caught in glass. A garden in bloom. These are the kinds of words that can be used to describe the work of Dale Chihuly. Magic. And if you’re like me, you might have seen mention of Chihuly or perhaps you’ve spotted a TV clip or news article about him and thought: “Interesting. I’d love to see it one day.” However his work is so much more than that. Truly unique and fragile, with organic lines that are both dramatic and assertive. You have to see it to get it.


At the entry to the collection, you will be greeted by a 20 foot vertical structure made of glass. It is eye catching and looks like a chandelier. So hard to describe his work in terms that make it visual for others. But, immediately I knew I was about to see something truly amazing, and I wasn’t wrong.

Aside from the glass work itself, which is absolutely stunning, is the way that they arranged it for maximum impact. His collected pieces from various series were grouped together in a way that played off of their individual shapes and colors to create on amazing installation, and each installation was separated by enough space to make them all seem stand alone. It’s a powerful exhibit.

The colorful, kinetic pieces of the Chihuly collection made the entire room feel alive with intense hues and movement. Simply spectacular.


Hands-On Experience at the Chihuly Collection

When you’re finished taking in the beauty of the exhibit itself, head over to the Glass Studio & Hot shop at nearby Morean Arts Center, where you can watch glassblowers create original pieces. You can also register to create your own if you’re feeling adventurous and inspired. For more information about Chihuly visit the Chihuly work and life web site.


Don’t Miss the Chihuly Collection in Downtown St. Pete

The Chihuly collection in downtown St. Pete is tied with my stay at Tradewinds Island Resorts as the most amazing part of my trip. Being able to see his artwork up close was a highlight of the visit to St Pete/Clearwater. When you see it in person, you feel they are a reflection of life, they are so filled with color and flowing lines. If you’re ever in the St. Pete area, make sure you take the time to experience the Chihuly collection for yourself.

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