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Okay, I know I promised you all a healthy recipe this week because we keep cooking sweets lately and last week those cupcakes were yummy.
So, here it is simple. Couldn’t be easier and my kids, well the shortest one, she could make these every night.
Salmon patties. (for four)
Double the recipe if you have more people or big eaters.
One can of salmon. Drain and remove bones.
Toss it into a bowl.
Add two eggs
Stir and add bread crumbs or for yummier results crush crackers and use as breading.
Pat into balls.
Then flatten them in a frying pan.
cook for maybe ten minutes on medium, flipping when each side gets a bit brown.
You know my girly, the one with sensory processing disorder loves this recipe because the eggs and the crackers and the crushing and the mixing and the sheer feel of making the patties, makes her night. Also when she can make us dinner, well hello! Need I say more.? Of course we supervise.
Plus salmon is brainfood baby.

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