Cinnamon Pops: A New Family Favourite #KelloggersNetwork

My family has a new favourite cereal. When we received Kellogg’s brand new Cinnamon flavour of Corn Pops I was over the moon. I love trying Kellogg’s new products. Kellogg’s is a brand I trust. But cinnamon. Well, I defy you to find me someone who does not like cinnamon. It is a comfroting flavour and a sweet homey aroma that reminds me of French toast and childhood. Baking with cinnamon makes the whole house smell comforting.
So I had high hopes for Cinnamon Pops. They were met, luckily. We have in past bought the regular Corn Pops and the kids loved those from a very young age. But this one is for me too. I love it as a snack. I can easily and without guilt grab a handful every morning on the go, after my regular routine yogurt and coffee.
Cinnamon POPS: The sugar content is 12 grams. (Not the lowest I have seen, not the highest either. Actually I won’t go over 12 grams.) It would ne bice to see a pinch less sugar here in truth.
Calories are: 120 per bowl and that’s fine with me.(without the milk)
Also fat content is 0.
Fibre 2 grams
Also more importantly no artificial flavours.
This one will be a fun Kellogg’s staple here. It fills my need for a little pick me up of sweet food during the day and I don’t feel bad about reaching for it. My kids love it just as a cereal for breakfast. Traditional. That’s okay.
It contains corn, corn bran, sugar, corn syrup and cinnamon, as well as oat flour and baking soda, salt and vegetable oil.
Honestly what’s not to love about cinnamon? This is a great idea and delicious new product from Kellogg’s. I can’t stop eating it as I am writing about it. Cartoons on the back of the box need a bit of work though.
This gets my $$$$ out of $$$$$
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