Wordless Wednesday: Communication and Puberty

This was tossed onto my bed yesterday after school. Post-meltdown apology. We received a great new campaign product and are ambassadors together for Mom Central Canada and the Clearasil Perfectawash face system. While opening the package and assembling the really cool motion activated stand we inadvertently started it up which was cool and then I was having a Mommy moment because I love motion activated stuff. I mean how cool is that? Apparently I used too much of her face wash and that unleashed a shrieking three headed puberty monster girl yelling: Turn It OFF!
Clear proof that we are firmly in the zone where we need products like Clearasil. Clearly I was mad, mostly because she yelled it three times right in my ear. That kind of love gives me all kinds of creative ideas about showing up to school in a t-shirt with her baby picture on it. And a caption: World’s Best Mommy.
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I think they teach them in health class in grade five that puberty causes famine, drought, war, tsunamis and earthquakes, in addition to mood swings. Makes me wonder a little about the curriculum?
Anyways I like love note apologies. I got two yesterday from same girl. And one text from other girl. Communication.

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  • Holly

    “Blame puberty.” That is really funny, but it’s great that she is acknowledging her moodiness. I am well past puberty and sometimes I still refuse to do that!