Deck The Walls: 3M Command Strips $150 #Giveaway

This is the story of how 3 M Command Strips helped me ditch the Grinch and embrace my Christmas spirit.
 As a lot of you know, we are moving. Well, we’ve done a lot of removations over the past 3-4 months. We redid a bathroom and renovated a kitchen. We painted and decluttered and we finished floors in order to sell our home fast. And it sold. Hurray!
But decluttering meant everything came off the walls and pictures went into storage and while that’s all okay, here we are at Christmas. And I have frankly spent a lot of money getting this home ready to sell and then I spent a lot more money on a new house, so forgive me for feeling a wee bit Grinchy. I mean, I think it’s fair to say New House equals our family present this year and next year and the year after that and so on and so forth. But wait, one thing is wrong with that philosophy. I have two girls who frankly aren’t going to be too pleased if Christmas passes our current house by entirely, so what to do?
Well, I was thinking I’d leave everything off the walls entirely until this package of 3 M items arrived and my organizing friend Margarita Ibbott assured me these Command Strips tug off the wall easily when you are done. And what’s better yet? They don’t damage the paint. So, hello? How perfect are these then for someone who just spent a lot of time and money painting her house and refinishing from top to bottom?
First I put this up. Our stocking holding our first few Christmas cards. It’s an annual affair and I still enjoy receiving Christmas cards. The transparent damage free Command Brand hook worked beautifully. Actually these hooks are pretty enough to be used anywhere in the house. I also received a chrome finish Command Brand Hook that will be perfect for my new house and the garage area where I plan to start a mudroom off the entry there.
Nonetheless I was skeptical. Then this week I grabbed a couple of damage free Command Brand hooks and I hung up the wreath. Did you know that some of the Command strips are good for outdoors and indoors. It’s true. Then I scattered some decorative urns outdoors and they looked marvellous. Our snow has melted, but it will be back soon. Anyways the point of the story is that these work and they are versatile. I really love the little Hot Wheels and Polly Pocket wall hanging toys that Santa bought the kids last year because they contain – you guessed it – 3M Command strips in the package. Those toys came down so easily when we started packing the girl’s things up so we could paint their rooms. Anyways, 3M helps and it works well. And they even helped me to overcome my case of the Grinch’s heart which was two sizes too small. Just to prove it, I am also sharing a big fat gift basket stuffed with goodies for one of my readers.
 I have one of these to offer and it’s worth $150 of 3M Command strips, Scotch brand products. Open only to Canadians. 3M will send directly to the winner.
3M Canada has a massive range of products that start at $3 and run upto $20.
They work well for so many occasions – office parties, birthday parties, regular parties and festive events.

I received some product for free to faciliate this post. My opinion is my own and I am happy to offer this giveaway in conjunction with 3M. Good Luck!



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