Earth Day Crack The Code Printable for Kids Age 5 and Up

What’s right around the corner and a great opportunity for education? Earth Day! There are so many great opportunities to share lessons about the environment this time of year. As soon as the ground thaws start a garden with your child and give them a hands on appreciation for how things grow. And don’t forget to print out some of my Earth Day puzzles, like this Earth Day Crack The Code printable.



This Earth Day Crack the Code Printable is intended for anyone over the age of 5. Older kids can have just as much fun as the little people with this one. If your child likes puzzles they will enjoy solving this one.

If you are doing an Earth Day unit in geography and you teach school, or do home school, then this is also useful for you. Earth Day discussion and learning could be contained in a geography or social sciences unit. There’s a heavy dose of literacy and English to be applied here too though. Look for more printables this Earth Day here. I have a few in the works.




Instructions for the Earth Day Crack the Code Printable:

Click on the image above and save and print it out for your students, or children. And while you are at it, don’t forget to print out this Earth Day Crossword and Earth Day Wordsearch. By the way the Earth Day Crack The Code answer key is here if you need to check your child’s work.

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