Finding Pokestops – The 5 Best Ways to Stock Up

Finding Pokestops is crucial to your Pokemon GO success. Pokestops have all the supplies you need for your continued quest to catch ’em all, from Pokeballs of varying strength to berries to potions and more. Depending on your level, you can get some excellent supplies to help you on your Pokemon GO journey. But first you have to figure out the best way of finding Pokestops.


Finding Pokestops without Losing Your Mind

Pokestops are great for stocking up on items, but they can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Pokemon GO uses GPS combined with Google Maps to create the virtual Pokemon world we’re all trying to conquer. In this world, Pokestops are local landmarks. So the best place to find Pokestops is going to be a place with LOTS of landmarks. Here are some suggestions on how to easily find Pokestops and maximize your item runs.

Local Colleges

If you have a local college, you are in for Pokestop Nirvana. Local colleges are absolutely filled to capacity with Pokestops because they have so many special statues, benches, art installations, and the like. One college can easily have at least a dozen or more Pokestops.

Head Downtown

If you live outside of town, head to the downtown area. Usually the more populated an area is, the easier finding Pokestops becomes. That’s because the chances of there being special land marks are higher. As you head into more populated urban settings, you’ll find more parks, churches, plaques, and other special landmarks which also double as Pokestops.

Look for Special Buildings

As I just mentioned, special buildings are almost always Pokestops. Local churches, libraries, parks, historical landmarks, plaques, and the like are almost always Pokestops, so head for an area that you know has the most of these buildings and start cleaning up.

Use Ingress to Your Advantage

Ingress is another virtual game by Niantic which uses essentially the same concept is Pokemon GO. One of the best ways to find Pokestops is to use this to your advantage. Install Ingress on your phone and the go to the Ingress website. From there, you can use the intel map to find portals in your area. Ingress portals are the equivalent of Pokestops. Finding Pokestops becomes much easier when you can plan your Pokestop run based around the most concentrated Pokestop areas.

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Museums, Aquariums, Etc.

Museums, aquariums, city libraries, and other large, public places of learning and exploration are always good best for finding Pokestops. That’s because, like college campuses and downtown areas, these places are filled with special plaques and other mini-landmarks, making them prime Pokestop territory.

Finding Pokestops to Help You Catch ‘Em All

I don’t know about you, but I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test. To train them is my cause. I will travel across the land searching far and wide. Each Pokemon to understand the power that’s inside. Come on. …You know you started singing along.

Of course, we all want to catch ’em all, but to do that, we need Pokeballs! And potions. And lucky eggs. And… You see where I’m going. The only way to get those things is by hitting up Pokestops. If you follow the tips above on finding Pokestops, you’ll be rolling in Pokemon GO swag and levelling up in no time. So get out there and clean up. Good luck, future Pokemon master.

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  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    Another worldwide craze! I am sure this is a great game, however, I hope people playing it would be responsible enough to practice safety for themselves and to others. I have heard about people getting into accidents because of the app.

  • sabina Edwards

    You can also buy items, so going to stops is not the only way and there is a google app for your phone to earn google play (I have earned by that also to do some insense purchases for the game) plus if you can get into a gym you can collect coin!!! VERY easy to do that

    The city, esp the river , is def the best place to play as compared to my town which has very few stops, (5) all clumped together and only three gyms which we occupy all the time – wish there was more to do for the game, esp when winter comes and its -40C outside and tons of snow on the roads for the next 5 + months