Earth Day Crossword Puzzle PS

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle Printable

Earth Day is a great occasion to learn via this Earth Day Crossword Puzzle Printable. Earth Day is every April and this year, even more than those in the past, I feel like marking the occasion. I feel more passionate about climate change, the earth, and the environment with every passing year. Someone recently reminded me that when we talk about saving the environment we are really talking about saving people. The two go hand in hand.

Our children seem to understand the need to protect the environment better than we ever did at that age. So, here’s an Earth Day Crossword Puzzle Printable to help get them more excited about being part of Earth Day and greening their habits for life.

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle PS
Earth Day Crossword Puzzle PS

Are you kids great little recyclers? Are they conservationists? Are they aspiring animal rescuers like Diego and Dora once upon a time on television? My girls are pretty good about taking care of the environment and I am sure they will be doing many cool Earth Day activities at school. So I wanted to offer at least one or two potential Earth Day activities that are free for my readers at home here too.

My kids love word searches and crossword puzzles. Do yours feel the same about word activities? I have an Earth Day series running this year so don’t forget to check out my other posts here as well. And I also have a free Pinterest printables board where you might find some fun colouring pages, printables, crossword puzzles, matching games and even gift tags.

Earth Day word search and Five Earth Day Facts You Probably Didn’t Even Know.

An Earth Day Crossword Puzzle:

As always here is the PDF version of the above Earth Day Crossword Puzzle if you choose to access it that way.

What will you do for Earth Day?

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle PS

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