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Easy Colour Blocking Art Canvas To Make Now

I take absolutely no credit for this colour blocking art project. Well, maybe just a little bit of the credit. Both of my girls have been crafting a lot and doing all sorts of art projects to pass the time during the pandemic. So, I have been ordering the supplies and occasionally running out to do a curb-side no contact pickup from Michael’s or order from Amazon. So, that’s basically my role: I am the provider of supplies.

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How to Make This Easy Art Project

I feel like these gorgeous colour blocking art canvases made by my youngest daughter are worth sharing here. The project is super simple and creative. Plus, it works brilliantly. I think we might just put these up in Ainsley’s room. My oldest has also made a few of her own. But, most of you know she’s 18 and she does art all the time, so arts and crafts projects are all over her room.

Anyways, this requires only a few supplies:

What You Need to Make A Colour Blocking Art Canvas:

Art canvases. I recommend the 8 X 10 or 9 X 12 canvases. These are the ones we are partial to using.

Acrylic Paints – as many colours as you want. We like these Craftsmart acrylic paints.

Some paintbrushes too. Also Craft Smart paintbrushes work well.

Masking tape. Useful for so many things and art projects too.

That’s it! Seems simple, right?


Pick a canvas and your colours. Is this to suit a specific colour scheme or a room? Then take that into consideration. Do you simply want to make something geometric and cool using a colourful range of shades? These days, that works just as well or better. Anything bright and cheery gets my vote right now.

Once you have the canvas and the colours chosen then you need the masking tape.

Tape random lines on diagonals all over the canvas. We did between 6-10 on the larger canvases. Actually, we did similar on a smaller canvas too.

Paint inside the sectioned off shapes. Don’t worry if you paint on the tape at all. It’s all going to come out in the wash, as they say.

When the canvas is dry you can remove the tape and check your work. Ours are not perfect, but they are pretty great in my books, because there’s a pandemic happening and frankly the kids are keeping themselves busy so hurray for art projects and Michael’s and Amazon right now.

Hang these on the wall with a smidge of 3M’s Command strips which we love for the girl’s rooms because they will not damage the walls.

How is Your Pandemic Art Going?

How are you doing during the pandemic? Any great art projects happening at your house?

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