Fans of Baby Yoda! Mandalorian Activity Pack for Kids

My oldest daughter and I started watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus recently. Why? Well, so many reasons. Baby Yoda tops the list though. I mean how much adorable can you handle?

Anyways, I figured right now would be a great time to share this three page Mandalorian Activity Pack.

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May the Fourth Be With You Today by the way!!

Loving This Mandalorian Activity Pack with Word Games

Have you seen the Mandalorian series yet? The concept is brilliant, the plot is highly entertaining and frankly, creator Jon Favreau is a bit of a genius. He came up with the concept because he apparently wanted to explore Yoda as a character. I mean of course!! We all love that kooky wise old sage.

Yoda, the Child, is basically a fun show to watch with your kids, or even the entire family. If you have kids that are fans of Star Wars, then they will love this show. It is very wholesome by the way. Mad love for the show.

Make Today the Day You Start the Series!

Did you know that the Mandalorian is mostly animatronics and puppetry with a bit of computer generated imagery? That first episode where they set up the father son, parent child relationship sucked us right in hook, line and sinker.

Get the Mandalorian Activity Pack Here

Mandalorian Activity Pack – Word Scramble Answers

Do not let the kids see this, but keep it for yourself in case they get stuck.

Enjoy this Kid’s Mandalorian A to Z word game challenge. Just download via the secure link above. The file contains the three pages shown here. Happy Watching and Hope you enjoy these word games too.

Thanks for reading! Are you a fan of this Disney show? If so, who is your favourite character?

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