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Keep Growing and Reading with these Dinosaur Books

As you know, many kids in Ontario and many other Canadian provinces have moved on to online school. While that process for me is a bit up and down, some weeks I have loved it and others not so much, I have used this opportunity to add more literature and entertaining educational books to my home.

I received these DK Canada Dinosaur Books for consideration here. Post may contain affiliate links as a service to my readers. I receive a small commission on qualifying purchases. My opinion is all my own.


For me, right now, as a parent, it’s more important to protect my kid’s mental health and allow them to explore some areas of interest and creativity. So, I am trying to nurture my kid’s love of reading and giving them some topics they are into.

Have a Dino Fan?

My youngest girl is fascinated by dinosaurs. She could read about and draw dinosaurs all day long. It is her favourite subject. Truthfully, she is a kid who latches onto a subject and mines it for almost everything it is worth sometimes. She’s always been that way.

When we spied more DK Canada Dinosaur Books in their catalogue we were interested in seeing these for ourselves.

Here are Three of Our New Favourite Dinosaur Books!

DK Canada is one of my favourite resources for gifts for both my kids and my niece and nephews too. Over the years, I have given dozens of these great educational books to my nephew who lives in Toronto. He gets some every Christmas and most birthdays too. I am thrilled every single time he lights up on receiving these books from DK Canada. They truly make the best gifts.

Our Favourites Right Now

A few of you know that my daughter is on the spectrum, the FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) spectrum. She also has ADHD and SPD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Sensory Processing Disorder) Why do I mention that? Well, her brain works differently. She likes to read, but processes things in a different manner.

Sometimes my daughter is incredibly articulate. Two summers ago, when we travelled to Philadelphia together for a Philly mother – daughter trip my younger girl received three DK Canada Dinosaur books and nature books. The two books of Dinos made the cut and flew with us and in fact she read them every night. She also drew weekly dinosaur sketches and knows more about dinosaurs than most adults I know.

If you have a dinosaur nut you could combine all five of the ones that we have for an epic gift that would thrill them right now. Also, I kind of love this TREX dinosaur mask for the younger kids.

Here’s our list of Six Favourites:

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs is my daughter’s go-to for quick referencing. She uses this pocket guide to pull up information about specific dinosaurs she finds in other areas of her study. It was a great guide to come with us to Philly where she used it inside The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University.


My daughter loves Dinosaur! because it features images and cutaways, making it so much more than words.

Dinosaur A to Z

Similar to Pocket Genius, Dinosaur A to Z catalogs of over 150 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Ainsley uses this for quick reference and as an easy way to drill down on a particular creature she’s interested in. 

The Dinosaur Book

Read more about this one below.

The Dinosaur Atlas

Again, read more below but the easy to flip pages and the overlays are a hit here.

Ultimate Dinosaurs

Extremely thorough and full of content that is gripping and even new to us in some cases.

Why These Books Exactly?

Recently, right after she got these books sent to us by DK Canada for review here, I asked her why she likes them so much. This is what she said: “My brain thinks in pictures. I need the photos and the illustrations to absorb the information and these DK dinosaur books have the most incredible pictures.” The acetate overlays in the Atlas are our favourite parts.

The Dinosaur Book

These Smithsonian books are brilliant. With over 1,000 images and fascinating facts, The Dinosaur Book brings some of the most incredible creatures into your child’s life.

“Using a range of full-color images, including spectacular fossilized bones and realistic digital reconstructions, all forms of prehistoric life are covered.” 

Beautifully illustrated book and dense with information too.

Hardcover, $29.99 roughly, 208 pages

Ultimate Dinosaurs

A visual exploration of the monsters that once ruled the earth. Travel along the prehistoric timeline to piece together the parts of a missing dinosaur at an archaeological dig. Discover the secrets of the Stegosaurus by looking at a close-up of its skeleton. Ultimate Dinosaurs is colourful and educational. Totally worth it.

Hardcover, $18.99 roughly and 128 pages.

Dinosaur Atlas

Journey through the lost world with The Dinosaur Atlas, one of our all-time favourite dinosaur books. With acetate skeleton overlays illustrating the skeletons of the dinosaurs, there’s so much visual happening here. More to learn and absorb, plus it stands out from the pack with this all-in-one compendium of everything dinosaur.


The very latest in paleontology in an easily accessible atlas format that illuminates the mysteries of dinosaur origins, clues to what they looked like and where they lived. The latest research and discoveries brings the dinosaurs on these pages to life.

Vivid recreations of the prehistoric world and fascinating see-through overlays featuring 3-D computer graphics of skeletal structures, DK’s Dinosaur Atlas breathes life into dinosaurs while also teaching kids some biology. We love the acetate overlays because this adds an additional layer of learning to the DK Canada Dinosaur Atlas. It also lists important fossil sites around the world, so there’s geography thrown in there too.


Right now kids are needing extra tools to keep them busy and occupied. DK Canada never fails to deliver in that department. With literacy, geography, history and science all rolled into these books, they will keep your kids learning and happy right now.

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