Easy Minecraft Word Scramble for Kids

Why is Minecraft popular again? I keep wondering that. Are you also kind of like how on earth did this happen? My kids were some of the original players of this game five or six years ago and now here we are again.

I know the kids miss their school friends and this is an easy way to connect during the pandemic. Could it be that simple? Maybe that’s part of the appeal of the game again.

Fun Minecraft Word Scramble

In the mean time, if you want to supplement some of that gaming with an actual Minecraft word scramble game, then here you go.

Because gaming and technology have become such a huge factor in the kid’s lives again, I thought it could be a great time to share some Minecraft and Animal Crossing word games. I mean honestly not like technology ever leaves their lives, but still, it is a bigger piece than ever because of Coronavirus right now.

This Minecraft Word Scramble has eight words that are related to the game. I am sure your kids are familiar with them. I’d rate this as pretty easy actually for most Minecraft fans.

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For your information also, if you have an Animal Crossing fan, you might really love this cute Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree

If you want to download this and do it yourself or give it to the kids for a bit of fun, you are more than welcome to do so.

Here’s How. Click on the link below and up pops the file.

I still remember the year that all of my one daughter’s birthday presents were Minecraft themed. She loved them and still has several.

My oldest teen says there are a lot of new mods to the old game which make it more fun to play again and relevant for a new age group entirely.

Between Minecraft, Fortnite and Animal Crossing with a big side of Snapchat we have all the technology covered here, I think.

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