How to Make an Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree

My kids are a little bit obsessed with the Animal Crossing New Horizons video game. We just got Nintendo Switch Lites for both of the girls, because Coronavirus is dragging on and our spirits are lagging.

Truthfully, trying hard to keep my teenagers engaged and cheery.

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So, might as well have an entertaining video game to use and occasionally play when bored. Right?

Anyways, while waiting for the Nintendo game and the controllers to show up, my one daughter decided to make an Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree and a few other crafts.

I am sharing some of her great family friendly crafts on the site.


This one is super cute and it’s cherry blossom season around the world, so why not take the time to make this Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree.

Pretty Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree

This clever craft starts with a toilet paper roll.

So simple and then you add polymer clay and elevate it big time!

This is the Polymer Clay kit that she purchased. It also contains charms to make jewelry and has 50 different colours of clay for all the clay crafts and jewelry. We love it. It will last forever actually – or at least through a pandemic.

Amazing! I have to give my daughter, Payton, all the credit for this as she created it and also provided the instructions. She’s my creative, artistic girl.

You need a few things first, before you get started on this cute easy to assemble craft.

Materials Needed:

Pink flower strands – if you can’t find any that look like this on Amazon go buy some inexpensive pieces at the Dollar Store.

Styrofoam balls

Pink paint – We like this brand here.

White paint

Brown/ Beige craft paint – Go ahead and buy the set if you haven’t already. Your kids will use it, or you will.

Polymer clay

Hot Glue Gun

A toilet paper roll

Paint brushes – Frankly, you only need a couple for this project but my kids paint a lot and lately I have been too. So, might as well get an affordable set of brushes for all the projects.

DIY Animal Crossing Cherry Blossom Tree

How to Make this Cute and Pretty Video Game Themed Craft:

Start with a toilet paper roll. I know, right? Not your basic toilet paper roll craft though. This elevates toilet paper crafts to a new level and adds in a hit of video games with a side of technology and everything kawaii.

Who Doesn’t Love Cherry Blossoms? Everyone loves cherry blossom trees in the spring.

  1. Put a layer of polymer clay over the toilet paper roll to match a tree trunk. Grey or light beige works fine.
  2. Add four small triangular white feet for roots extending out as the base of the tree, so it is stable.
  3. Bake carefully in the oven at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes until it hardens.
  4. Paint the base white, so you have a clean canvas to paint.
  5. After the white dries, paint the trunk light beige. Payton shaded ours on purpose, and added details, because….art class. Also add a knot or wood grain kind of pattern.
  6. Paint the Styrofoam balls pink and let them dry. This gives the flowering tree a more even look.
  7. Warm the glue gun up and remove the pink petals from the stems.
  8. Attach the petals to the Styrofoam balls with glue. Pattern is two on the bottom and one on the top in a pyramid fashion.
  9. Finally, attach the pink Styrofoam balls to the tree stump with glue.

Give the Craft a Minute to Set

Let that sit so the glue sets. Then set it up in your room or your media room, whatever works.

Wondering How to Get them Off Screens Occasionally?

If you have kids who love this hot video game right now, they might enjoy making this cute craft too. I mean they can’t be on screens all the time, can they? Crafts that encourage them to build something are a great way to bring the game to life at home.

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