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    Best Minecraft Scavenger Hunt for Kids

    There’s no denying that Minecraft is still a massive runaway phenomenon. So, with that in mind I asked one of my helpers to build this Minecraft Scavenger Hunt for Kids so I could share it with readers here on Thrifty Mommas Tips. At first, I didn’t really get it. I mean it looks pretty simple. But my older daughter assures me that the popular video game has evolved dramatically ands this is why it is experiencing success again with tweens and teens everywhere. My two kids were into this hook line and sinker five years ago. Now, my younger girl is totally into Minecraft again. So, because I know she…

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    Easy Minecraft Word Scramble for Kids

    Why is Minecraft popular again? I keep wondering that. Are you also kind of like how on earth did this happen? My kids were some of the original players of this game five or six years ago and now here we are again. I know the kids miss their school friends and this is an easy way to connect during the pandemic. Could it be that simple? Maybe that’s part of the appeal of the game again. Fun Minecraft Word Scramble In the mean time, if you want to supplement some of that gaming with an actual Minecraft word scramble game, then here you go. Because gaming and technology have…

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    Creative Teaching – Seven Inspiring Educators Using Microsoft Technology

    Educators who model Creative teaching with technology in the classroom are inspiring to their peers, and their students. They set an example of what is possible and they nurture an engaged and inclusive classroom. When teachers take an approach to learning that’s outside of the box, it sparks a great love of discovery and learning in our children, especially those with unique or special needs. Instead of staring at a page in a text book, children can explore in new, interactive ways. Creative teaching can help nurture all children’s strengths, and Microsoft is front and centre building inclusive programs and classrooms. Last week I shared a bit of information about my daughters and…