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Face Time and Weird Conversations You Never Dreamed You’d Have #Teens #tweens

teens and cell phones
Teens and cell phones

This is another entry in the ongoing teen/tween mama diaries. Life is never dull with teens and cell phones. Raising digital kids is a special kind of universe. I heart my beautiful kids. But they also drive me around the bend regularly and sometimes on purpose, I think. I strive to not be mental from it, and yet there are days when I look in the mirror and think who is that frizzy-haired, wild eyed maniac mom looking back at me. Then I realize it’s me and start thinking up ways that I can get back at them when they are dating or getting married. My husband already has started this process. I kind of heart that. The other day for instance daughter was face timing a boy who face times her all the time (Not a metaphor for anything else. They are both iPad obsessed, Youtube loving little oddballs.) and husband starts talking way too loudly almost yelling. He is not, for the record, a loud talker. He is generally a calm character.

Husband: “Ainsley,”

Her: “Daaaddd, shshhshshshshsh…I am on the iPad.”

Husband: “Turn it off. It’s almost dinner.”

Her: (rolling eyes I can almost hear in the office.)

Husband: “Now. Turn it off. It’s almost dinner and the table needs to be set.”

Her: “Stop!”

Me: “Hey dude we don’t do that. Parents don’t yell when their kids are on their cell phones and iPads Unless they want them not to have friends EVER.”

Husband: “Who is she talking to?”

Me: “Jack, her friend. He’s a BOy-y-yY!!!”

(Same friend she literally just left at school like one hour ago. That part makes me a bit batty.)

Husband: (at this point I think I see a glimmer of something mischievous¬†in his eye): “Get off the phone. Get off the iPad. Stop face timing. It’s dinner.”

Me: (shoots evil eye) “Did you not hear me? She’s talking to a boy. You are going to scare her friends.”

Husband: “Excellent. That’s the plan. That means he won’t come knocking on the door any time soon.”

Me: OMG the teenage years should be fun.

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