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Five Free Travel Games to Make Road Trips More Fun

Travel games are a great way to make any trip better. They are especially good, however, for road tripping. Road trips involve long hours crammed together in the car, and while at first blush this can seem like a great way to promote family bonding, in a few hours, everyone typically is a little bit cranky. That being said, travel games can turn road trips into a fun experience from start to finish and free travel games are even better.



5 Free Travel Games to Keep the Road Trip Moving

We all have our favorite games to play on the road. Some may make the list here, and some may not. But whatever your choice, playing games can make any road trip more exciting and less likely to result in the kids trying to murder each other. 😉

Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt is a great game to play while road tripping. What makes it so great is the versatility of the game. You can play a road version, where you have to spot things like billboards for a certain type of business or signs for certain gas station chains. You can also make a standing scavenger hunt that’s good for rest stops like spotting certain types of cups or whatever else you can think of. There’s a Printable Scavenger Hunt for your next road trip here.



License Plate Bingo

If you’re going for a long road trip, license plate bingo is one of THE great travel games. If you’re passing through more than one state or if you’re going through a state that sees a lot of tourism, you can get in several good games of this one. Just print out some sheets before you leave with license plates which you think you’ll see in the area where you’ll be driving. See above link for the printables you need.

Punch Buggy

The old school version of this game does NOT promote harmony, but you can change it up by giving your kids a piece of paper and a small hole punch. Instead of being a free for all this can be a really simple little game. Or draw some punch buggies on a bingo card and colour them different colours. Have them X them off or hole punch the colour they see. Newer gentler Punch Buggy.

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20 Questions

20 questions is a classic game that promotes family bonding and plain old fun. You know the old game, I’m sure. One person picks something, and the other family members get 2o questions between them to figure out what it is.

Never Would I EVER

The kids play this game in the pool if we are wanting to change it up. Never would I ever ____cheat on a test. You each start with ten fingers. And you each take a turn saying Never Would I Ever (fill in the blank and make it family friendly) Basically you fill in the blanks and then the person who has already done that Never would I ever thing has to subtract a finger. Eventually the person with most fingers left wins.

Travel Games are the Perfect Compliment to any Road Trip

Road trips are great opportunities for family bonding, but they need something to keep it fresh. Travel games are the perfect way to do that. With these travel games – or your own favorites – you can keep everyone’s spirits up and the fun going strong on your next road trip. And when the kids get cranky and start staring daggers at each other, bust out the tablets or portable gaming systems for a break!

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