Five Reasons I Love Vionic Shoes

I hurt my foot two days ago. It was a sad, silly home office injury. Someone was at the door and I raced to answer it and in doing so, I wiped out right at the door to my office where the carpet meets the ceramic floor tile. Somehow my toes, the side of my foot and my knee took the brunt of the trauma. Naturally I still managed to answer the door. But my foot hurt like mad and even now it is still very bruised. The thing is you never realize how important feet are until you hurt them.
So I hobbled around and swam for a bit with the kids and finished work and then I remembered at Blogher 14 I was invited to a private party for Vionic Shoes. And we left with the cutest slippers. So many cute colours and styles – closed toe, open toe, purple, pink, or leopard print. What impressed me about Vionic the day we met the marketing team in San Jose, California was the quality of the shoes and slippers. Vionic makes shoes and slippers with built in Orthaheel technology. That means the shoes and slippers have strong arch and heel support. The Orthaheel technology helps reduce over-pronation. Over-pronation is associated with many common pains such as plantar fasciitis, lumbo-sacral pain, (lower back pain which I get a lot), knee pain and shin splints.
So I put my slippers on from Vionic Shoes and I remembered how nicely they cradled my feet. And amazingly, my bruised and sore foot felt better. A lot better. I was reluctant to take them off at the end of the night because they fit that nicely and eased the painful symptoms I was experiencing. So, I thought I would take a closer look at some of their other styles and options and share them here on Thrifty Momma’s Tips.
Please note: these are not inexpensive shoes or slippers. They are not $2 flip flops that will harm your feet. In fact they range between $70 to $120 for shoes, or slippers. One dress pair is up around $150. The slippers you see below are worth $70. Would I normally pay $70 for slippers? No. But then I had this injury this week. I tried these out and I am hooked. Now I am hunting for some more Vionic shoes to add to my wardrobe. Why? Because quality is often worth paying for when it comes to health and comfort. I will buy some of these sandals because I have felt the difference and I love it. My foot feels loved. My back and knees don’t hurt. My husband and I repeatedly have this conversation about the importance of shoes and arch support and how I shouldn’t buy crappy $5 flip flops for my feet. Sometimes I buy them anyways. Vionic Shoes have a line of flip flops with Orthaheel technology built in. They are currently running a break up with your flip flops campaign that I fully understand after witnessing the difference a great shoe, or slipper, makes in daily life. Now my only issue is which ones to buy. I may indulge and purchase a couple of varieties, plus I really have my eyes on their active footwear. My running shoes are pretty much done and I have been wearing them for way too long. Also if you ever priced orthotics then you know they are expensive and often not covered by insurance. They can range from $200 to $400. By that standard Vionic is completely affordable.

Five Reasons I Love Vionic Shoes

1. Orthaheel technology: Designed by an Australian podiatrist named Phillip Vasyli, the orthotic is essentially built right into the casual and dress sandals, shoes, lounge slippers and active footwear by Vionic Shoes. I like that this is built in. (Also have you ever needed to buy orthotics for someone? Do you know how much they cost? I helped my Mom buy hers a couple of years back and they ran at least $200 plus she needed to remove them and put in each pair of shoes that she used. That’s a total pain in the neck.) These slippers would have been perfection for her. She lived with bunions, foot surgery and pain most days.
2. Ideal for heel pain, knee pain and back pain. I started wearing these because I hurt my foot. They made a huge difference fast. These shoes and slippers with built in Orthaheel help alleviate heel, back, foot, shin and knee pain caused by over pronation. You will be impressed and you will feel the difference.
3. Great quality. These are substantial shoes. They come with a 30 day guarantee. Your comfort or your money back.
4. They feel amazing. The slippers hug my feet. They cradle and support and feel almost like a massage for your feet.
5. The range of styles. Check these out: I love the Cancun style. Several are on sale right now.
If someone told you that you needed orthotics tomorrow what would you think? You’d probably think – I am not 70 years old. No way am I wearing orthotics because they make you look older than you want to look and they are not fashionable at all. Well, I love the detail on my slippers. I adore the sandals and the wedges. Check the Vionic lineup out here. (US site) and Canadian site here:
These would make a wonderful Christmas gift. The slippers are divine. These get a $$$$$ out of $$$$$: even though they are more money than I would usually pay, the quality, comfort and health byproducts of purchasing and using Vionic is more than worth the money. Five dollar signs is my highest rating.
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