Happy Guacamole Day and a #CanBTS #giveaway of Wholly Guac and Beanitos

Just in time for National Guacamole Day I have a great giveaway for you!
I arrived home the other day from a lengthy meeting which was over lunch and I hadn’t eaten and I found this. Boring Lunch Survival Kit and a mess of yummy Beanitos chips. That just made my day and I want to return the favor to someone else who may or may not be familiar with either of these products: Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole dips. I have been a fan of Beanitos for a very long time. I won a case of them well over a year ago, and they were shipped up here from the U.S. That was before they were even sold in Canada. I loved them from the start. And my kids would take them to their schools and share the product for snack time and lunch. Needless to say they were a hit. My one daughter loves the Pinto Bean and Flax and Cheddar Cheese flavours and honestly would choose Beanitos to snack on over potato chips. They are delicious. What’s more – they are high fiber, gluten free and corn free. They are also a great source of protein. 6 grams of protein per bag. My husband loves the Black Bean flavour and I like them all, but Chipotle BBQ has a great kick.

In addition to this great back to school snack kit, came Wholly Guacamole’s product coupons. So I quickly went shopping and found the packages of Wholly Guacamole. Whole Guacamole makes this great individual 100 calorie serving size that you can easily share for lunches or snack time. I love that portability. I also love that I could toss one of these into my kid’s lunch or sneak one into my husband’s lunch and they’d really enjoy the variety. 
The interesting thing about taste buds is that they clearly change as you get older. I never tried guacamole before this past year. I never tried a lot of things prior to turning 35 and then at 40 I grew accustomed to things like sushi and Indian food and well, guacamole. Now I love guacamole and it is so versatile. The other day I had some on a chicken sandwich at a restaurant and it was the moistest sandwich ever. Wholly Guacamole contains 20 different vitamins and minerals, comes in great flavours and is 100 % all natural.
Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa can be found several places. I found them at Metro. They are also readily available at Walmart and Sobeys.
Now Happy Guacamole Day and share some with your back to school crowd.

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