France Coloring and Writing Book

Alright, so obviously nobody is traveling during the current pandemic. But, kids still need things to do, so I am sharing some easy tools for you to use at home. You might not be able to visit France this March, but you sure can learn a little bit about it with this France Coloring and Writing Book.

Eiffel Tower, fields of lavender, great cheese and wine! France is a stunning country. In my twenties, I visited Paris for about a week. But, I haven’t been back since. One day, I will return to France and do more exploring. I believe that and look forward to it.

L’Arc de Triomphe, La Seine, Champs Elysée….OH MY, what I wouldn’t give to be there again. Visiting the Père LaChaise was one of my favourite things that we did when I was there so long ago. It was crazy to see so many people near Jim Morrison’s grave.

Need Printable Activities Right Now?

For now, even if the kids can’t get there, your youngest ones can use this adorable France coloring and writing book to learn a few things about the country.

For more of these educational and easy to use coloring and writing books, check out my Pinterest Printables board or return to the site here regularly. Right now, I am sharing a lot of these activities, because people can use them to keep kids occupied.

The only supplies you need for this are: Printer Paper and Markers or Crayons.

Printable Resources for Kids

While You are At it….check out the England Printing and Coloring Book I posted last week. And the Greece booklet too! Greece is my favourite actually.

Happy Printing and Coloring

To Print this one out: click on the link below.

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