England Coloring and Printing Book for Kids

Looking for educational resources to help during this time at home, or while homeschooling? This England Coloring Book and Printing activity is just the right thing to get your children excited about exploring the world. In times of uncertainty, I need to things to look forward to.


Seeing Big Ben and Buckingham Palace and visiting England is on our list of things to look forward to.

England is a trip I have been dying to make for years, maybe even decades. I am an English Literature graduate. That’s what my bachelor’s degree is in. I spent years studying the greatest British authors, read dozens of Shakespeare plays, Milton and Chaucer too. I suffered through old English and dreamt of visiting England to tease out all the drama and follow in the footsteps of the literary greats physically.

England coloring book

Have you ever been to England? If so, I’d love to hear all about it. I have been planning my trip there forever. If you like this, don’t miss the Greece Coloring and Printing Book I shared here last week. So fun and educational for kids.

Download for your own use here:

For more Printables and Free Coloring Sheets check out my Pinterest Free Printables board. There are many fun coloring sheets and activity sheets, matching games and word searches there. Have fun with this England coloring book! Please let me know if you download it and use it. I love to hear from readers who use these printables.

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