Best Zoo Webcams to Watch Right Now

Clearly, we can’t get to the zoo right now, during the pandemic. But what if you could bring the zoo to you? These Zoo Webcams do just that!


Do the kids want to watch and learn about their favourite animals and species right now anyways? Are they concerned about their favourite zoos or the animals there? Well, let them watch some of these Zoo Webcams and they will be entertained for hours over the next few weeks.

Oh I know there are so many potential puns and jokes to be had regarding zoos and kids and families. Bringing the literal zoo into your zoo at home! LOL. Or maybe this one: bringing animals to your little animals? Meh, we are all just trying to do our best right now and these are some excellent resources that can help all of you.

Some of the Best Zoo WebCams Around the World

I can honestly say I saw pandas this morning and they were up and walking around thriving. SO great. What a way to start the day! Listen, this is a no pressure thing right now entirely. For me, at my house, it’s about maintaining sanity and positivity and staying busy. I enjoy seeing the pandas and other wildlife on the webcams – it makes me happy and is a perfect way to launch a potentially challenging day.

Super Grateful for These Right Now

My gratitude exercise right now, is actually thank goodness for webcams and technology. I can be in San Diego at the zoo or in Atlanta or Kansas City. That is exceptional.

  • Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam
  • Kansas City Zoo Penguins. LOVE. LOVE and more love. This is clean and clear and crisp and what could be more fun than penguins waddling around looking peaceful doing their thing?
  • Chattanooga Zoo MEERKAT FAMILY WEBCAM. Why yes, I am screaming because this is that delightful! I am invested and I love them already.
  • Houston Zoo Giraffe Platform WebCam
  • Milwaukee County Zoo – There are many different animals here actually. I didn’t see much activity happening but that’s because it was snowing today here locally and also in Milwaukee apparently. The outdoor enclosures clearly have snow on the ground.
  • Memphis Zoo wild animal webcams. This is pretty spectacular featuring: a hippo Cam, elephant cam and panda cam. Really clear visuals and this morning I watched a hippopotamus hanging out in the water.
  • El Paso Zoo has a wide range of webcams focused on numerous animals from orangutangs to meerkats and giraffes.

The Smithsonian!

Canadian Zoo Webcams/ Recording and Youtube

This list is smaller than I had hoped and not for lack of trying. Let’s just say, I am kind of surprised that more Canadian zoos don’t have webcams up and running. Maybe, something they need to look at for future.

Toronto Zoo has Youtube resources, so that’s something. Love that zoo, so if I am wrong and you know they have live zoo webcams, please drop me a line or a comment. Thanks!

Calgary Zoo PandaCam. No idea if this is actually live or a highlights reel. Either way it’s fun to watch pandas learning and exploring.

Greater Vancouver Zoo – Youtube.

Not Exactly Zoo WebCams, But Still AWESOME

  • Fiona the Premature Baby Hippo Series at Cincinnati Zoo. You need to access this series via Youtube or Facebook. So maybe a bit more supervision or help than usual for your kids. Still, this series tells the story of Fiona and she is so sweet.
  • Brookfield Zoo is doing Bringing the Zoo to you series right now. Super educational. This takes the homeschooling initiative away from you in some ways, and gives you a break, if that’s what you are doing right now.
  • Oregon Zoo on Youtube can tell your kids exactly what staff do to take care of animals in times of severe weather events, or natural disasters. Love how up to date this information is. It tells you that the zoo is closed and then assures you everyone is being taken care of. My kids are teens and I can tell you that they have questions about local farms and therapy riding facilities etc. They want to know this information. Who is feeding the animals and what happens to them right now?
  • Watch this page for Facebook Lives and more – > Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.
  • Lincoln Children’s Zoo has a Keeper corner which is also educational. Kids love animals and they enjoy imagining themselves as zookeepers too. This lets them do that!

Nature in Its Glory

Not a ZOO BUT even more Wildlife in their habitat. This is my new favourite actually.

  • – Africa. Gorgeous and live impalas this morning when I checked in.

Relaxing and Educational

These Zoo Webcams can be relaxing, or educational right now during the pandemic when you are hunting for something to keep kids occupied. In fact, I loved watching pandas and hippos as research for this post. Hope you do too!

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