Free and Educational Landforms Flash Cards

What do mountains, peninsulas, lakes and wetlands have in common? Take a moment to think about it. That’s right, they are all landforms. Right now, as the summer trails off and closes in on fall I thought it might be a good time to share these free landforms flash cards.


Remember Being a Small Bean in a Huge World?

Last week, while visiting my brother and his family at a cottage in Sauble Beach I listened to his adorable kids, my niece and nephew refer to Lake Huron as a river, or the ocean. That simple childhood slip reminded me of being small and that period of time during your life where you think all the water is the same. It’s both adorable and absurd in a trillion different ways that remind you of how big the world seems when you are so small.

Sometimes children are so cute you don’t want to correct their little slips. They are charming. But eventually they have to learn the correct words, pronunciation and terms for things in the world. Flash cards and work sheets and repetition all help. These landforms flash cards can help your kids too.

Colourful Landforms Flash Cards

At a certain point in the school curriculum, every child learns about geological features and landforms like lakes, peninsulas, mountains and basins. It’s around grade 4 or 5 here. Social sciences, and geography were some of my favourite subject areas in school. Learning about the earth and the landforms that made it up just made me want to travel. Then reading great books set in far-flung countries or islands, increased that wanderlust.

That’s still true today actually. Every time I see an image of mountains, a photo or a Youtube video of a destination featuring mountains I am inspired to fly or drive there. When I read a story in which the setting is as defined and strong as a character, I am transfixed and transported and ready to visit.

Encourage your kids to keep learning and exploring the world with a few easy resources. We can help with that. I have all sorts of free printables for kids. If you liked this then check out my Canada Colouring and Writing Book out now.

Get the Flash Cards Here:

Download easily below. And don’t miss the variety of other free kid’s activities that I have on my Free Printables Pinterest board.

If you have any ideas for tools that you can use, let me know. I’d love to have one of my helpers create some for you.

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