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Bright Canada Colouring and Writing Book

A few of you know I am Canadian, born and bred. I have never been more proud to be Canadian than I am right now. Despite a global crisis, I feel like our Prime Minister and Premiers are handling the situation well. It’s not easy and I wouldn’t, even for a million dollars, want their job under the best circumstances.

A Little Slice of Canada

Have you ever visited Canada? It’s always astonishing to me how many have not been to the Great White North. If you are working on teaching your kids a bit more about Canada right now, or homeschooling them at all, then this cute Canada Colouring Book is just the right thing for you.

What do you know about Canada already? Are you familiar with all of the provinces and territories? If not, then here’s my Canadian provinces and territories worksheet. I also have several Canada word puzzles and games for kids. The Canada Day Maze is kind of fun.

Some of the Canadian resources and printables that I have shared in the past do really well here. So, I figured you might enjoy this Canada colouring book too. Don’t miss my Canada Day word search too.

If you are ever planning to visit Canada, after the pandemic is over, I’d be more than happy to help discuss all the stunning places to visit in Ontario and across the country. You could start with Quebec and go whale watching in Tadoussac, and explore that stunning province, including Saguenay, Outaouais Region and Quebec City of course.

To Print This Activity…

To Print this Colouring Book Out, download the link below and enjoy!

Easy and Fun Colouring and Activity Books to Promote Geography

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