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The Colour Changing Vividay Oil Diffuser – A Fun Way to Use Essential Oils

About six months ago my neighbour introduced us to the idea of essential oils. I had, until that point, really resisted the concept. Essential oils can be expensive. So can the gadgets you need to dispense them. So I held off awhile but the girls kept visiting the neighbour’s house and singing the praises of essential oils. So we bought a trial package of DoTerra Oils and gave them a shot. Then we bought a diffuser. And then because one child had one we got another diffuser to be even steven. Last week the Vividay Oil Diffuser arrived and I knew the girls wanted to try it out so we began using this fun variation.


Anyways, back to the start of the story. My kids were keen to try essential oils and I had heard some good things about them so my neighbour leant me a catalogue and I browsed. We started using the tiny introductory package of oils and the lavender disappeared fast. Lavender has calming effect and both of the girls like to fall asleep with the sound of the oil diffuser running (masking a bit of white noise) and the light scent of lavender in their rooms. For my anxious child I think it is calming. And for my younger daughter, I think it is also calming, but now it’s more a routine for her and routines are important in her day.


I began using peppermint for myself – for digestion. I also used some of the lemon, which can be taken internally according to directions. By the way for a time I was using the lemon on a wart on one of my fingers and it seemed to be working really well. The oils seem to have quite a range of applications and I have seen them work. We have added and tried a few others in the mean time. There’s an essential oil for pretty much every ailment. Just be warned to read the suggested uses before overdoing it.


When my kids were little we had one of those cute spinning lamps that projected decorative animals on the ceiling in various colours. That went on every night and they loved falling asleep to the hypnotic sight of animals in rainbow colours on the sky of their rooms. This Vividay Colour Changing Oil Diffuser is a bit like that lamp. The colour changing element is fun and can also be left on as a night light of sorts. The colours change dramatically to pretty much every shade of the rainbow. They are very vibrant shades of purple and red and pink and orange and blue, yellow, and green. There are seven colours in total.

The Vividay Diffuser is a Bit Unique

Vividay Oil Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to atomize the water (500 ml capacity) and essential oil to release a fresh aroma.  It is easy to fill and it works well to dispense the scent over a certain period of time. The Vividay Oil Diffuser comes with a measuring cup to fill the reservoir, but it’s not crucial that you use it. It works just as well filling it at the sink. Please note the essential oils must be water soluble or the unit will malfunction.

Mist settings come in high and low and of course off. The time settings run for 1, 2 and 3 hours. You choose. I always set ours for the maximum length of time. I have seen some diffusers that run 4 to 6 hours. One of the other ones we have here in our house runs for 4 hours maximum.

The colour changing option here can be turned on or off and the Vividay Diffuser comes with a six month guarantee. So, if your child can’t sleep with the colours changing all the time, then you can set it to be one of the specific colours only, or you can set it to white, or you can turn the light part of the diffuser off entirely. There are several options here.

There are 2 models to choose from, 7 Color Changing or Warm White.

Vividay is on Twitter here at @VividayOfficial. You can buy these on line at:  and they are also on Facebook and Pinterest.

As noted I received one of these units for consideration here on my blog. I chose to feature it here because I know many of my readers are using essential oils. This post contains one affiliate link.

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