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Get The Kids OutSide with These Gravity-Defying Pump Rocket Toys – Air Archer, Bungee Blast and Night Shotz


You know how it’s challenging to sometimes get the kids outside to play? Well, I have a tween and a teen and these days Minecraft and Pinterest absorb most of their attention when not doing schoolwork. It’s tricky to encourage them to get outside sometimes. Even in the midst of some of the nicest weather ever this summer, well all they wanted to do was play on their iPads, or iPods or computers. So, when toys like Air Archer and Bungee Blast and this awesome Pump Rocket Jump Rocket LED Nightshotz showed up I knew exactly what we’d do with them. I threw them in the van for the drive to the cottage. I secretly also wanted to share them with my niece and nephews.


In the Wild

So that’s what we did. As soon as we got there I handed them the Bungee Blast and Pump Rocket Air Archer, which were a lot of fun. My oldest nephew actually shot them directly up into the tallest Pine Tree around. Then he proceeded to scheme how to shoot them down with a football. The rockets luckily made it back down. The football, well I assume it is still here unless a wayward small bear has found it.


What is the Air Archer?

The Air Archer is a giant Bungee Air Powered Bow and Rocket set. The rockets are foam and so you don’t need to worry about them damaging anything. However, just so you know, foam doesn’t last forever.

The Air Archer comes with three foam rockets. It is fun to play alone, with a friend, or in a group. Kids can invent their own games or targets. (like things stuck in a pine tree.) For extra rockets/refills, you can order Geospace Bungee Blast JR Replacement Rockets, which come in a 5-pack. I had a lot of fun with this one too. The bungee cord action means it gives you a bit of feedback as you launch the rockets and it never pinched fingers at all. This is meant for ages five and up. 

As fun as that was, it was the Pump Rocket Jump Rocket Night Shotz that stole the show one night after dinner. And this LED light up set for use at night time has been my favourite toy of the batch. There is a simple set up to begin with for this toy and then you follow the instructions to make sure you aren’t launching rockets on the road or into trees. We decided to videotape some of the action. And the kids ended up making it more fun playing in pairs and trying to catch the rocket on the way down.

As you can see we had a lot of fun. We’ve been using this one at home a lot too trying to keep it out of the pool. Luckily it’s waterproof if it does land in there. When we were at the cottage it was funny to see that people out walking and driving were slowing down to see how high we could launch the NightShotz. It says 100 feet. But it felt like it went higher several times in the country. Back at home it doesn’t generate as high a launch. Maybe because the kids are trying to be a bit more careful with it. Anyways these are some fun toys for everyone. The Night Shotz is a hoot for kids of all ages.

I received these toys for purposes of consideration on this blog. My opinion is all my own. I enjoyed these and feel like the Pump Rocket Jump Rocket Night Shotz fits the bill for kids of all ages ( over 3). Each of these toys retails for no more than $30. The Night Shotz is actually about the most expensive of the ones I received and that was around $24.95.

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