christmas fill ins
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Free Christmas Fill Ins Printable

christmas fill ins

Happy Christmas! It’s beginning to feel more like Christmas with every passing day. That means it’s starting to feel a bit more frantic too. Sometimes it’s hard to remember to stop and smell the roses this time of year. Shopping, work, holiday planning and parties keep many of us super busy. And the budget can also easily fly right out the window.

That’s why I schedule some free printables here during every single holiday season.

At this time of year I will take any help I can get. And free printables are just the thing. Now if only I could find a speedy mendala printable site I’d be ecstatic. My oldest daughter loves those. She finds them relaxing. I am sharing a weekly printable coloring page so that everyone can keep their kids occupied and find free activities here.

To use you can either right click and download the picture above or click through to the PDF link and print this Christmas Fill Ins Printable page out.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Cute, older children would love this. Some of my grandchildren would no doubt enjoy this too but only two are able to read so far 🙂