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Free Event: Generations of Hope Family Fun Day #yyc #abhc4ivf #abpoli

Did you know that infertility can impact every area of your life? Infertility is financially draining. It can impact mental and physical health. The numerous doctor’s appointments can impact your career and work environment and frankly the challenges of infertility can often lead to marital problems, or divorce. 
So what can you do to take charge of your infertility journey? Educate yourself, read about your options. Join a support group. Find your tribe, so to speak. Studies have shown that finding a peer group and surrounding yourself with supportive individuals can make a huge difference to the process. In fact some studies have indicated people struggling with infertility are more likely to get pregnant if they are in a support group. That’s powerful evidence of the need for human connection at a time that has potential to do lasting damage to your health and relationships.
So, this is your opportunity Alberta. If you are near Calgary this weekend and you are looking for something to do please join the Generations of Hope Family Fun Day on Saturday.
Generations of Hope Family Fun Day is an annual event for families in Calgary and surrounding area. 
Come to Canada Olympic Park Saturday, September 14th, 2013
From 11 to 3 p.m. 
Rain or shine.

Admission is free and organizers hope that Calgary and area families will come out to the event to celebrate and support the Fund. The event will feature fun indoor and outdoor events for the entire family with face painters, carnival games, stage shows and a petting zoo.

Are you 1 in 6? Take your six friends and write down their names. Now guess which one struggled with infertility. Sometimes it’s impossible to tell. People don’t typically walk around wearing signs that say I have endometriosis, or I have Polycystic Ovary syndrome. Nor do they wear T-shirts stating I have male factor infertility. People struggling with infertility can be in their 20s, 30s, 40s, married, single, or same sex. Support can be hard to find when you don’t know where to look. This weekend you only have to look as far as Olympic Park to build your infertility network of supports.
 In the province of Alberta 76 % of survey respondents thought government funding should be available for people wondering how to pay for in vitro fertilization. In Alberta the cost of in vitro fertilization is not covered by the health care system. One round can cost $7,000 or higher when you factor in the price of medications. IVF is one of the most effective treatments for infertility and it is often the medically recommended treatment plan. But due to the high cost of IVF many couples either spend years doing less effective infertility treatments, that are covered by the provincial health care plan, or they opt to transfer multiple embryos and hope to increase their chances of conceiving a baby. Multiple embryo transfer can often lead to twins and triplets. Multiples can be adorable, but they are very often born pre-term requiring costly medical interventions for both mother and baby. The neo-natal care costs alone can be reduced dramatically saving money in countries where IVF is funded. Multiples have greater risks of complex lifetime health issues, such as hearing and vision impairments, learning disabilities, heart and immune system impairments.
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Generations of Hope Fertility Assistance Fund helps raise money to make IVF happen for some couples who are unable to afford medical treatment. You must be undergoing treatment at the Regional Fertility Clinic to be eligible to apply for assistance. You can ask your family doctor for an application.

I am community manager of Generations of Hope, and in that capacity I am compensated. I support this event and this issue and my opinion is 100 % my own.

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