Murad Women’s Skin Care Products Review

I received Murad Women’s Skin Care product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own. Post may also contain affiliate links as a service to readers.

Forty is a fantastic decade and yet slightly ironic at the same time. Just as you hit your groove with kids, career and finances, well there goes your metabolism and by the way your skin starts to be let’s just say, less resilient. Luckily, there are products that help. And these days as the middle aged blip begins to grow ever so steadily, piggy backing right behind the Baby Boomers, well brands simply have to establish products that make sense for your 30s and 40s and 50s.
I landed this Murad Resurgence trial kit at Blogher this summer. It’s worth about $45 and comes with cleanser, night cream, day cream and eye cream. It is the full system, and it carries the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. I started using it in the summer and began to notice instantly that the delicate skin around my eyes looked brighter and smoother. That was a quick result for a system that says four weeks to see a difference. The rest of the system has taken a bit longer to show the full effect of regular use. 
Murad creams have a slight citrus scent that feels natural and is cheery and energizing. The Murad line boost radiance and calms inflammation. I noticed the illuminated finish fast on this line. It’s not something I used to look for in my makeup or beauty routine until I turned 40 and now I love products that brighten my skin and hydrate. The cleanser is gentle and works in harmony with the rest of the system. This Murad women’s skin care kit does not require a huge investment of time and is an easy system to use.
Murad was developed by a doctor. This system reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps reduce the effects of hormonal aging on your skin. 
I received a sample of this Murad system with no obligation to review. I give this one a $$$$$ out of $$$$$. It works, period. My skin looks great. I try a lot of products here and my opinion is my own. If you are over 40, this product can make a difference to your skin. I felt it working fast and I love the results.

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It sells on Amazon and I highly recommend this women’s skin care kit. Each of the products I tried made my skin feel smoother and younger.

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