Free Printable Santa Wish list letter

Christmas is fast approaching and we haven’t even made a real list for Santa here yet. So here’s a Santa Wish List letter template for everyone to use this season.

santa printable wish list letter

Well my kids make lists of so many things all year long, in fact, they might have made a list for Christmas months ago and lost it five times over already. Anyways, I know some of you are likely in the same boat. Frankly my kids are getting a bit too big for this anymore but I still encourage the Christmas spirit. As long as you believe, then I will keep the magic alive here as much as possible anyways. Here is a quick and free Printable Santa Wish list letter you can copy or download and give to your children.

Here’s a second cute letter that you can also use if you are so inclined. 


To get this list and share with your kids you can do one of two things. Right click on the Printable Santa Wish list letter above (second image) and save to your computer then print it out. Or use the first image which is larger and a PNG file. Two sizes for you to choose from.

Making Christmas Simple for You

I have been trying to make Christmas easier for all who celebrate this year, so I have been sharing regular printables and coloring pages. Here are a couple others you might enjoy. This is a link to the Pinterest board where I showcase all the printables. I like this activity not only because it helps encourage the joy of the season, but it helps children learning to print and spell. I like the simple literacy task for children involved in making lists. A list is a small manageable thing for them to do. It works even for kids who struggle with fine motor tasks and reading.



Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

Don’t forget to mail this to Santa too.


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