Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah Free Printable Dreidel Coloring Pages

Happy Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! This year I am offering free printable coloring pages for kids on Thrifty Momma’s Tips.

Free Printable Dreidel coloring pages are just one way I am giving back to my readers this year. I hope you all have an amazing holiday whatever customs, beliefs and traditions you share with your families. I hope the weekly coloring pages here help make everyone’s holidays easier to manage.

When the kids are busy in a constructive way, then everyone’s day ticks along at a much smoother pace. Coloring is a great activity we often used to pass the time on car rides to visit family, and even just as a nice calm transition when the kids get home from school.

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, a Jewish celebration that begins December 16th.

It ends December 24th this year.

How to Download This Coloring Page

You can right click and copy this image or download it from the link below. The link says dreidel and it’s a PDF which sometimes appears clearer when you print it out for your kids.

Enjoy this Free Printable Dreidel coloring pages and come back each week to find more freebies and posts about topics about health, travel and family.

Happy Holidays – to all who celebrate. Happy Hanukkah too.

Free Printable Dreidel Coloring Pages

Tell Me what do you celebrate? Do your kids like to color?


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