French Onion Soup Recipe #100FootJourney

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I don’t know about you, but one of my favourite soup recipes is French onion. I frequently order French onion soup for lunch when I go out. Sometimes it is very good and sometimes it is disappointing when big chain restaurants attempt the recipe using small scraps of cheese and croutons. If I see French onion soup on the menu I have to try it at least once. It makes me think of home and childhood. French onion soup was my mother’s all time favourite soup. Funny how food can conjure up a feeling, emotion or memory. That’s precisely the theme behind the the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey. Food as sustenance. Feeding a family can be an exercise in showing them love.
I have never been so courageous as to make French onion soup by myself at home. This scrumptious variation released as part of The Hundred-Foot Journey movie promotion, with the Cordon Bleu seal of approval, calls for white wine. It is a very grownup French onion soup. Need I say more?
Today, The Hundred-Foot Journey opens in theatres. It is sure to be a hit with crowds of all ages. I was able to see the movie early with a group of bloggers at Blogher 14 in San Jose, California. It’s a refreshing and wholesome story that really does a great job telling a tale of cultures clashing and one young man’s journey to find home in the food he creates.
Go see The Hundred-Foot Journey you will love it.

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  • Jennifer Robbins

    I have not seen “100 Foot Journey”, or heard of the movie- but I may need to check it out now. Also, the French Onion Soup Recipe sounds delicious! I will be adding it to our weekly meal plan menu! : )

    Thank you for sharing!