The Best Seat in the Pool – SwimWays Spring Float

You might have heard – we bought a new house with a pool a few months ago. This is our first summer enjoying our pool and we are still on a learning curve. We have a few pool toys, such as the usual pool noodles and inflatable rafts, but we didn’t have any super pool recliners until this week when SwimWays sent a Spring Float pool float for us to test out.
The Canada Day weekend weather has been perfect and we unpackaged the Spring Float recliner chair so we could throw our first ever pool party here. Now, the SwimWays Spring Float clearly says that it is to be used by people 15 years old and up, but here’s the thing – just like the famous Robert Munsch book – We share, We share everything! Well, almost. So the Spring Float pool float is getting used by every member of the Schuck family and I am okay with that. The kids have all figured out how to jump precisely into the pool at the right angle so that they can land in the middle of the chair and do not get soaked. I have figured out how to grab my latest page turner and keep it upright so it doesn’t get soaked. My husband has figured out how to steal a few minutes to himself lounging away on the Swimways Spring Float. It’s lightweight and easy to use or pack away.


Swimways Spring Float original comes in a durable mesh fabric. It is easy to fold away once you deflate it and curl it back into three circles to tote inside the bag it comes with. The original recliner pool float has an inflatable pillow and inflatable sides and it can hold someone up to 250 pounds. There are numerous variations and different graphic prints available from the company. We have the white and blue. I’ve been eyeing up several other variations of the loungers and recliners and I can’t wait to buy a few more fun pool toys to make the best of our new backyard.


You’ll have to trust me when I say I have been using this sweet chair too. I can’t exactly snap the pictures of myself while in the pool on my pool float. But suffice it to say this weekend was one of the most perfect weather events we’ve had all year. I spent pretty much all day Saturday swimming with my one daughter, while the other was away at a birthday party. Then today I spent easily 45 minutes just floating peacefully in the pool with a book in hand.

Spring ways Spring Pool Float

The Spring Float suspends you in the water. You get cooled off at the same time as the water floats through the mesh. Today, when temperatures climbed to over 30 degrees Celsius, the mesh hammock chair was perfect. In fact,  I was able to cool my legs off without giving up the best seat in the pool.
I received this product for free in exchange for this honest review. My opinion is all my own.

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