How to Hold a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt This Year

Doesn’t a St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt sound like fun this month?

Keeping Spirits Up

Like a lot of you I am trying to keep spirits up a bit this year. So, with that in mind, even though we don’t typically have huge St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt celebrations here, I thought this might be a fun opportunity this year.

Easy Ideas and Treasures to Share

With a few simple treasures, like candy from the bulk baking store nearby, or small craft items from the Dollar Store, you can set up a cute little treasure hunt in your home.

Each of these little squares is a clue that the kids need to decode. Cut them out and print them off, then hand them out one by one or hand the first one out only.

Set this up the night before with those fun little chocolate coins that look like leprechaun’s treasure. A quick trip to the Bulk Barn or a similar store will do it.

So for instance then leave the second clue where the first treasure is and they can keep moving forward through the home to gather each ticket and each treasure. At the end you could have a much larger treasure, a pot of gold coins, or a written IOU for a family movie night. It depends on the age of your child, what the treasure is and what sort of sweet gift will resonate.

To Get This Easy Treasure Hunt

Click below on the link and it will pop up in a new window.

If you are interested in other St. Patrick’s Day games and fun activities just visit my Pinterest board for more. Here it is – St. Patrick’s day Pinterest ideas. There are tons of great ideas here from all over.

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