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Zax’s Original DarkSpot Cream and Zax’s Dark Circle Under Eye Cream Review and #Giveaway

Zax's Beauty creams
Zax’s Beauty creams

If you know me at all then you know that I love the sun. I hate the winter weather and I love sun. I am only happy when it is sunny out and I love to travel. So what’s that got to do with skin cream and eye cream? A lot actually. I have freckles and the sun takes a toll on my skin. Recently we were away on a cruise over New Year’s Eve and we might have enjoyed the sun – a lot. It was 28 in Grand Cayman and frankly that’s my kind of town. That’s my kind of weather. But the extreme change left my skin dry and we all know what sun does to skin. So when I received some Zax’s dark circle under eye cream with witch hazel I was happy to give it  whirl. I also tried Zax’s Original DarkSpot Cream.

Both of the Zax’s products worked well. But for me the Zax’s Dark Circle Under Eye cream was the biggest winner of the two. I easily integrated this product into my daily beauty routine. I was more than happy to share this Zax’s Dark Circle Under Eye Cream Review because I find it to be a comforting kind of beauty product. It is applied lightly around the eye and it had a soothing effect which I enjoyed. I attribute the soothing cool feeling of the under eye cream to be from the witch hazel. I wish that feeling had lasted all day, because my eyes get worn out and they take a beating on the computer all day. This is a product I would use repeatedly and keep on hand.

Zax’s DarkSpot cream contains nothing bad for your skin. It is all natural. Many other brands use a type of bleach product to remove or fade spots. You can understand why that’s not great for your skin. This product contains citrus peel, liquorice and vitamins. It did fade a few spots on my arm. It wasn’t extremely dramatic though. I will keep using this product to see if it continues to deliver modest changes.

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