Horse Life Cycle Learning Games Booklet

What do you know about the horse life cycle? What do your kids know about horses? This horse life cycle learning kit is four pages and it might help reinforce a love of literacy while nurturing compassion for living things in general.

My daughter rides horses and she has a passion for them. She’s been riding at Sari Therapy Riding since she was about 5 or 6 and she’s 16 now. She looks forward to doing this weekly and knows a lot more about horses than I ever have in my entire life.

She has done summer camps that involve horseback riding and therapeutic riding lessons as well as dressage. In the summer during camp they often do a lot of horse themed educational activities. They learn the parts of horses and how to care for horses and what to look for that might indicate a problem or health issue.

I know my daughter is not alone in her love of horses. It is a common passion for a lot of teens and tweens. These days, every weekend on Sundays she gets her gear on and we drive her out near Arva, just outside London where she grooms and cares for her horse and then rides for half an hour or more. Her sessions are a highlight of the week.

Horses simply seem to get humans and have a pretty cool relationship with them. One thing I am pretty sure she doesn’t know much about it the horse life cycle though. I mean when does that ever come up.

Anyways, if your kids are into horses and enjoy riding or hope to be able to ride a horse one day then these horse life cycle games are a great way to encourage that interest.

When my girls were younger they both often went through these phases where they were obsessed and wanted to know everything possible about a specific animal. They went though dinosaurs, or sharks and my other one went through cosplay and anime.

This booklet is easy to download just click on the link below and a trusted PDF book will pop up.

What’s in the Horse Life Cycle Kit?

Here’s what’s included in this cute and free learning tool for school aged kids. 

  • The first page is a Glue the Pieces to the Page Puzzle. 
  • Trace the letters spelling activity is on Page 2.
  • Page 3 is a sweet little maze – help the horse find his way through the maze to the mare.
  • Page 4 is a Self Correcting Puzzle. Use the scissors to cut this out and help reinforce hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

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