Spring Writing Prompts for Early Language Arts Literacy

When I was a child I was all about early language arts and what they called reading and writing back then. So, I would have loved these early spring writing prompts. I devoured books and collected words and started stories often.


Growing Kids Who Love Reading and Writing

From the moment I was old enough to hold a crayon, I was always building stories. I didn’t necessarily need the writing prompts, or any prompts but if my teacher or my Mom had given me a pretty project sheet like this I would have been all over it.

This spring I have a lot of fun free printable worksheets for you to share with your kids. Many of you are working from home remotely and kids might be home more still, so I know some of you are hunting down extra worksheets and activities to help keep them learning and busy.

These are very open kid’s activity pages to encourage maximum creativity.

How To Use These Writing Prompts

The intention is that your child or student looks at the image on each sheet and is prompted to create a story, a paragraph or two.

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Download the Booklet

Easily download the spring writing prompts booklet here.

More Printables

Just a Few Tools to Make the Task Go Easier

If you have a home study station or work space set up, then you can probably use a few of these or put them on your to buy list.

A heavy duty electronic pencil sharpener.

Good pencil crayons.

Quality pencils. This Ticonderoga brand is one that my daughter really likes. They don’t break if you apply too much pressure as she often does.

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