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Jord Wood Watches Are as Unique as He is #jordwatch


June is the busiest month around here. Oh sure there’s school finishing up and the many end of year field trips and events to tend to. Then there’s my husband’s birthday, followed by our anniversary and Father’s Day. Shortly after Father’s Day, there’s Canada Day and then my one daughter’s birthday July 2nd. Finally my birthday follows the week after. WHEW! It’s easy to feel like we are eating cake all spring and summer. Not complaining, because I love cake as much as anyone else BUT there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing.


This time of year, because of all the occasions we have going on, I need a host of great gift ideas at the ready. Unique gift ideas that appeal to men. It’s easy to run out of clever ideas sometimes. This year I think I hit the jackpot when I found Jord Wood Watches. I knew my husband didn’t have a reliable watch. Our old watches both died a couple of years ago. We have been using our iPhones mostly to tell time. But, it is nice to have a watch for dressy occasions, and even just because occasionally you feel like your arm needs a little something extra. So thankful to have found Jord this year. Jord Wood Watches are 100 % unique, just like my husband. My husband is a martial artist, a sporty, busy Dad, and he’s also a wood worker. SO, in the course of his regular day he spends a lot of time working with wood and turning it into something beautiful. He knows good quality wood. I surprised him with the Delmar Jord wood watch for his birthday (which would also make an excellent Father’s Day gift if you are still looking.) I chose the Delmar with a green face because I thought it suited Jim the most.

The Delmar style watch looks classic and also slightly sporty to me also. All Jord wood watches are sustainable, simple and stylish. They were made to fill a unique gap for modern timepieces. My husband was initially surprised at how interesting the Delmar was. Although he works with wood he had never seen anything quite like this before. The wood grain here is really quite lovely and the watches are high quality. My only note about these pieces is this: when measuring your wrist for a Jord wood watch measure carefully and accurately. There isn’t much room for error here. A stylish watch needs to fit well too and these will, as long as you follow the instructions provided.

wood watches

The Dover series is also stunning. If I could pick one other to gift to a man, Dad, or otherwise, it would be the Dover. You can see all the models of the Jord wood watches here. Follow them on Facebook too. There are dozens of gorgeous women’s Jord wood watches available too. I have a few pretty ones I am keeping my eye on. I like that you can dress these watches up or down with a simple change of wardrobe. The Delmar carries on from a day entertaining at home to a night out on the town to celebrate, and it even appears sporty enough to travel with you on your next big adventure. This watch would have been perfect on the cruise we took earlier this year.

I received a Jord wood watch to help with this review. My opinion is all my own.

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